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Go for the freebie buy the cheapie’s. Edited!

Firstly non Freebie but still a cheapie.

Mina untouched

Non touched piccie to show off the Mina hair. This is a “lazy hair” because “Carlijn” is a knitted hat/hair combo so no need for hair editing.  A chunky knitted cap but thankfully without that helmet head look that sometimes knitted hats in SL can have.  The hat/cap comes with a choice of 5 textures and the same amount for the hair colour options.  The ones which are discounted are the Pastel and Pastel/Ombre colours.  Slashed down to just 70Lds a colour pack!  If you’re not a pastel person there is the option of the “essential” colour pack but this is not only full priced but a little bit more as it contains 7 of the most popular and basic hair colours so you have from blonde dark black and the shades inbetween and again if you don’t think you would use many of these colour options you can always call into Mina’s mainshop and check out the colour option packs she has there for only the standard 250Lds.

Mina does have a VIP Group for you to join but instantly you get one of her great hairs and although it does cost you get that all back with the first GG.


The Freebie n cheapie are the 2 builds I went to grab. If I remember correctly the Freebie is a rustic cabin but since I have an invent heaving with different builds I simple rezzed it and then derezzed it without much thought.  Don’t let that put you off grabbing it esp since the one thing I did notice was that it was editable and most people start out building in SL by reconstructing others builds as the best way to learn how to edit.  When I saw this derelict build and I thought esp for only 55Lds I might get some use out of it for a back drop etc.

dark edge2

Personally I think it makes for a pretty alternative home for those of you who like to be just that bit different.  The platform is my working one which I’ve blogged previously and it comes with a colour changing option for both the land and sky and is only 4 prims (ish) and the build itself inc the derelict car is only 29, the fire is my prop.  So yet again for those of you with a low prim allowance and wanting a different look I think this rocks.  This build is only 55Ld and there are more at that cheapo price from this shack to sleek modern homes.  If I remember correctly the Group is Free to join and there ia a tableful of GG’s and Dollarbies.

I’m doing a lot of “remembering” because I’m having a PJ day in RL which means I’m sat here in my PJs with the fire on, my kindle next to me, Judge Judy on TV and some ribbon because I want to try my hand at Ribbon Embroidery.  Hope everyone is having a good day even if you’re not having a “PJ” day.

I was in such a rush to return to my PJ day I forgot to post more pictures of the interior texture of this build! Doh!

dark edge4

A basic 2 roomed shack with shabby paper.

dark edge 5


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