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Last day ! (plus some dollarbie action)


Im so sorry to make you dashhhh but its the last day of Mystical Realms Fair today, so if you wanna grab some gear get going now. Circa has some really beautiful pieces on offer. Above is the fantastical Traveller’s Discovery Table and Chair Set include 1 stand animation and 22 sleep and sit animations, and is just 16Li ! Its been superbly crafted with a wealth of detail, I particularly love the raven in a cage !


Some little close up’s of the decor on the Circa items, just so you can see how intricate they are – hard to notice form a distance huh? I laid all this out in a fairly modern prefab (dollarbie more below) but it easily worked in with the surroundings, you don’t need to have a medieval style place to enjoy these.


If you don’t have enough space for the larger table set, take a peek at the  Astronomer’s Discovery Table and Chair Set (includes 1 stand animations and 12 study, sleep and sit animations, accessories included, moving gyroscope) I had a splendid time fiddling with the gyroscope ! Its quite mesmorising. I simply adore the bookcase, so many curios and nic naks inside and SO low prim. The table and stool have some lovely animations in them, three wood colours to choose from.

Creative Decay dollarbie House

As promised, here is the dollarbie prefab I snapped up at Creative Decay. Would suit being used as a skyhome or on the land, its got some really nice touches with trees and plants around plus a lovely fireplace inside and control unit for the window tints etc. All for one single Linden !

Mystic Realms Fair

Creative Decay

2 thoughts on “Last day ! (plus some dollarbie action)”

  1. I can’t find the house and it is perfect for what I’m needing right now. I’ve looked all over the store. Help!


    1. Hiya ! It’s just inside the store right on the reception desk . It’s in a small box, right hand side of the desk. If you have any probs let me know ❤


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