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Dora (not the explorer).

Lazy post.  I spent too much time trying to find a lovely set up to show off this very High Fashioned FREE mesh dress I ran out of SL time so I cheated and changed my Windlight setting and flew up into the sky and snapped a couple of quick piccies.


The above picture was my fun shot the bottom picture  is a clearer idea of what you get.  As it happens this is one of my Fav colours but if you have some Lindens to spend there is a whole selection of different colours and a an even more impressive full lengthen version of this dress.


This comes from QQ Fashion and if the LM doesn’t take you straight to it it’s on the third floor next to the shoes.  I couldn’t find a TP so it  looks like you will have to take the stairs but at least this gives you a chance to check out the other items on the way up.

Can’t say much about this shop as my SL time was pretty short today but when I landed at the main entrance a lucky chair called out so I know that somewhere hidden in this large shop is at least 1 Lucky Chair.

QQ Fashion