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Finally a Dollarbie!

I just wasn’t going to log off today until I found something decent.  I looked high and low and nothing, nowt, nada until I got this notice from Iffyta and Voila!


And because I simply had too much fun here is another one.


An absolutely sheer boyfriends shirt for only a single Linden.  Now because this was only a single Linden I’ve had a bit of fun with my settings but trust me it REALLY is an absolute score.  I’ve slightly misted the nip slips and the foo foo but this is cheekily sheer.  I love how the cuffs, collar and breast pocket at textured slightly less sheer.  Sadly time was running out for me, can never ignore RL sadly, so I’m only showing you the one shade but you get a colour changing hud and so you get white, black, pink and blue and the same colours but with a pattern on it.  Can I be honest here and say the picture used by Tiff Aristocrat (great name) doesn’t do it justice but since I’ve had other freebies/dollarbies from here I know that I’ve not been disappointed.  I bet even Faith goes and grabs this.  As far as I know it’s only available on the MP, again due to lack of time I can’t really do as much of a follow-up as normal.

Special mention to the skin and hair.  As everyone knows by now 95% of the time I wear nothing but a PumeC skin and this one is her stunning light grey shade with yet again ALL the appliers.  The hair is a Mina’s and I now seem to wear Mina hair 70% of the time and finally the Shape is an Anna’s shape.  I’m so sorry no LM’s (again with the rushing) but I thought I would just name drop if you wanted this look.

Byeeee for now.

Iffyta Marketplace

URL updated as there seemed to be a problem with it – love Faith ❤ (and YES, I was trying to buy the sheer shirt!)