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Quickie Sickie(Freebie).

Here’s a brill quickie.  Wasn’t looking for this scary zipper tattoo but more than happy to find it and some other Free to Join Group Gifts.  I can just see Baylen popping in to just grab this goodie.  If I remember correctly if the LM doesn’t take you to the Group Gifties, and it should, then when you enter the shop veer to your right and it’s not far in.  When you click on the Group Gifts to grab them as long as you’re wearing your group tag you just click the Delivery tab on the pop up menu.  Honestly it’s simpler than I’ve explained.


The top tat comes from Letis and is a single layer tattoo and I think it looks great on my PumeC skin.


The big boobie splash is my addition to cover up the nip slips but I wanted to show you this dramatic unzipped flesh look.  As I’ve said this is a whole skin and it’s covered in bruises and scratches and that unzipped flesh is strangely scary and yet sexy.  Love that it comes with Appliers for Lola Tangoes, SLink Hands&Feet and also nail huds.

The LM’s take you to the shops but they’re on the same shopping sim so you can walk out the door of one and just across the road a but further down is the second shop.  As it happens Atik also has a cute mesh dress as well but I just didn’t have time to show you that.

Letis Tattoo Culture.