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Revenge! (Cheap n Free n Fun).


Revenge of the Pins!  Have to confess I wasn’t going to go to The Wash this round because in all honesty I didn’t think there would be too much new to interest but I decided to pop over in any case  and was happy to see lots of new stuff.  Clothes, SLink shoes, jewels, skins, decor items etc and this tiny Bowling pin AV.  Since I just couldn’t squeeze yet another item of clothing in my invent I decided that I’d go for something fun and yup thats me squeezed into a tiny AV, you get everything ie alpha, mesh, and the bowling ball what you don’t get is the lightning bolts coming from the ball I added them for a dramatic look LOL.


Then I went back to grab this mesh dress.  Again just me having fun in one of my fav builds, a ruined theatre in the sky.  This dress is beautiful, shimmery and very very pink but you do actually also get a pink and green skirted one in the pack.  Other colour options are available on this stall.  Sorry I was too busy dancing I forgot to do a zooooom in on the “stripper shoes”.  Free from the latest round of the Cosmopolitan.  You do have to join the free  group and as Baylen has pointed out the GG is above the doorway going into one of the 3 rooms.  You get 2 colours in this pack and they’re for SLink High feet.  Trust me WORTH going for them!

Everything at The Wash is only 10Lds, nice that the whole place is laid out in an easy to follow pattern so you shouldn’t have much problem locating these.

The Wash (the pin ball AV and others are here).

Cosmopolitan Sales Room

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Falling Leaves

coldLogic Autumn collection - leray shirt - leck pants NEW!

Oh gosh – coldLogic has thee most ginormous Autumnal release you ever did see. There are pants and tops, skirt and shirts, dresses, complete outfits – everyyyything you ever could need for the season ! I plucked a few things out to share with you today, that grabbed my attention straight off the bat – these “leck” pants are terrific – beautiful linen look fabric, lotsa pockets & zips, bow tied at the ankle – teamed up with the cropped “leray” shirt its a real comfy winner for me. Great selection of seasonal tones in both – theres a scrummy rust tone that I particularly liked too. My hair is also new – from KoKoLoReS and called ” Erin”, sweet plait hangs down one side a realllllly long way – good choice of colours, something for everyone !

coldLogic Autumn collection NEW!

A little too posh for yardwork really ! Love these “wheaton” pants – checked all over and some lovely subtle colours to choose from that will mingle in with heaps of your tops. I especially like the cuff choice coldLogic gives us, you’re bound to find just the right cuff style to fit with all your boots and shoes. I’m wearing them with the ever-so-useful “webb” top – looks like you’ve got two shirts on top of each other, three-quarter length sleeves give it a casual feel.

coldLogic New collection - whitby gold

Now for something completely different ! This is the “whitby” dress, which so far, is my favourite of the new collection. I was hoping that the optional sleeves would be used again – and here they are ! Two alphas given so you can wear the sleeves , or not – your choice. Without them its a definite evening wear item – with them I think, you could get away with it being somewhat more casual, or even some heavier weight tights and boots maybe? I’m gonna fiddle with them tonight and see what comes out of my inventory ! Annnyyyyywayyy, this is whitby in gold, which was a nice surprise for me – I totally fell in love with it – and it’s not PINK *gasp*.

coldLogic New collection - whitby

Here it is in crimson – love the front thigh slit ! I found the fit exceptionally fantastic on this piece, sometimes its a trade-off between perfect fitting front, ever so tiny gap at the back – but the small fitted like a glove ALL around . Notice the shading details on the bust area and hem? Mmmhhmmm, matches up with the sleeves so well doesn’t it? Must give a shout out to KoiKoi for shooz ! These are on my trotters  a lot, “Tahiti”, my go-to-pair, classic style and the fatty pack has everything you could ever need ! (for slink high feet btw) Ok, time to rummage around the rest of the collection  – SO excited !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog



Argrace (beret & hair)


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My last words to Faith yesterday was “I only have 20Lds left so I’m going to go on a massive Freebie hunt” I should have bit my tongue as I said it because the very next place I went to ended up costing me many more Lindens.


As it happens as soon as I put on this look I knew that there was the perfect build at Image Essentials for me to use and show it off.  The funny thing is right next to this wheat field is the same home I have and it’s interesting to see how someone else has decorated it compared to my own home.  I’ve also used only Image Essential poses  in my pictures as it seemed only right and they work so well.  This one is another available from The Thrift Market and the other from Kay Weston’s Mains shop Image Essentials.

I found this shirt it at the A*S stall at The Thrift Store and I had to have it.  Doesn’t come with the under shirt so I threw on one of my basic Sn@tch shirts to cover the boobies and yes I was so tempted to take a piccie with full frontal boob flash.  The A*S main shop is “under construction” at the moment but you can pick this shirt up there as well as the Thrift Shop, she also has a shop at Lubbly Jubblies which is a shopping mall dedicated to the boobalicious and I will be spending some quality time here soon :-).  I’ve not tried this shirt with my lolas but I have a feeling that although they don’t come with a lola applier that gaping front will allow a generous flash of boobs.


The other thing I found was this thigh bag strapped to my hip. At first it looks like a holster but in fact it is a bag with zips, buckles and hoops such excellent texturing and such a snug fit.  I went back over to The Thrift Shop and yet again spent more money and picked up some demos but sadly I just couldn’t locate the exact LM for the Obscure stall so I popped over to the main shop and I’m so glad I did.


Obscure is set on a wintery snowy sim with some really good shops but to get the to Obscure goodies you have to enter the mine shaft.


Although I could have given it a couple of seconds for the floor to rezz a bit clearer this is an excellent underground build.  You come across the main selling area which again I couldn’t find the actual belt for sale but in all honesty I wasn’t trying to hard as I had joined the free group and lots of notices tell you about the goodies you can find in the hidden room so I just started to walk through the tunnels.  Lots of spooky noises and interesting rooms inc the church I’m going to buy once I’ve got some more Lindens free.


Sadly after a quick tinkle on the piano I had to give up my hunt.  I will try to locate the exact LM for the Obscure stall @The Thrift Store but my locating skills seem to have completely left me.

Big thanks to one of our readers for sending me the link to the Obscure stall@The Thrift Market.  We always prefer to give you the LM as close as poss so you can grab the goodies and then have a wander around afterwards instead of the other way.

Obscure@The Thrift Store


A*S@Lubbly Jubblies

The Thrift Store


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Home & Garden Expo – The little details


HGE R(S)W  chair - cookie tin & dragon

R(S)W  is a new-to-me store and I’m so glad I came across it in this years Home & Garden Expo – I know I will be a Secondlife long fan ! This is what I so enjoy about this Expo, every single year I find something new, or should I say someone new (well new to me anyway). I’ve been guilty of focusing on the grand things sometimes, and overlooking sometimes the most beautiful items. Take this chair for example. Its simply gorgeous, superbly crafted a real homely piece with such sweet details. The more I looked at it, the more I adored it. Of course its got an abundance of sit poses and amazingly comes in at 1 prim, that made my miserly heart very happy indeed. Did you see the dragon? Such a tiny piece, yet intricate and a wealth of detail – it doesn’t DO anything – it doesn’t have too, it just sits there looking dragon’ish ! My favourite thing this year is the cookie jar pictured above, a vintage scene on the tin which is utterly adorable, touch it and it offers you a choice of six cookies – take one and it asks permission to attach to your hand, youre animated to munch away on it – until- POOF- Its gone…fantastic ! I popped over to Robin Sojourner’s store and ohmaiii I better get some cash in because there are SO many thingsssss I want ! The store has some sooper items, including quilts, low prim coolers with poses that dispense snacks and more – visit at the Expo but don’t forget to take a peek at the store too.

R(S)W  @ The Home & Garden Expo

R(S)W  Store

Market place store

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I dont wanna make you broke ! (Freebies)

Freebie dress-top Corvus


Oh Haii! Sooo yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of our Pure group members – despite what Zan says about me being all moody-shy-private – I really love to meet up with you! Anyyyywayy hi Johanna *waves* – we had a chat as I fixed the group gifts and she told me that Zan and I keep her broke ! Ohnooessss , can’t have that. So in her honour I’m doing a post today with freebies that are delectabubble and pretty and wont cost a dime. Above is a stunning mesh dress from Corvus. I’m wearing it over jeans as a long’ish top. Its got a snazzy side tie, kinda like a knot, and has  skull logo which might be handy-dandy for Halloween? Really nicely made and sooper easy to wear.

FREE outfit - appliers for Slink Physique for jeans, system layers - mesh top - Giselle hair by Pollen - FREE skin all appliers inc.

This next outfit is from FLG, what a corker, not only do you get a lovely mesh top, but also jeans that come in system layers and Slink Physique appliers – the jeans have SIX colours ! The top has a HUD also with SIX different patterns/colours plussss you also get a Slink mani & pedi tossed in – blimey isn’t that the steal?

Free outfit- clothing layer & Physique jeans - mesh top - hair by Pollen Giselle

This is the entire list of contents:

HUD Pants : Brazilia,Phatazz,Wowmeh,Banned , Slink Physique and 6 colors

HUD: Slink Nails Feet and Hand 6 colors

HUD: Blouse mesh 5 sizes and Hud 6 colors

HUD : Slink Pants Stocking 6 colors

HUD : Banned , Slink Physique 6 colors

6 Pants Layers

6 Stocking Pants Layers

FLG Market place store

Pollen – Giselle hair

Mine Lena hair at  my attic @ The Deck (95L !)

Corvus free dress

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Summer fun.



Even if you don’t blog SL most people like to take decent pictures of themselves and you just can’t do it without the decent poses.  I was using some of my Image Essential poses in my previous post and then I realised that Kay Weston has some out at the latest round of The Thrift Market which has finally died down enough for me to have a bit of a mooch around.  TBH I didn’t stay for very long because with my new skin and hair I just wanted to get some SL posing done before I have to return to woolies and jeans.


The poses I’m using in these pictures are from the Sashay pack and at this moment is only available at The Thrift Shop Event.  Although Fat packs offer you better value in the end, if you’re just after a few single poses then there are ooodles of them in her main shop.   Not only does she have a shop packed with single poses, couple poses,  fat packs, props, Gachas and on and on I think she has some of the best male poses in SL.  Even though its me hopping on and off the poses I can tell that these aren’t womens poses that have been tweaked to suit a male shape, or maybe they are but they’ve been done so well they work.  They’re subtle, simple, many and boyish.  They’re manly enough for any bulked up AV and yet also subtle enough for Baylen.  I’m just counting my blessings that our sim is in Autumn mode because there is a beach lookout chair, one of those high chairs that life guards like to pose on, which is pretty darn excellent as a prop for a summer sim.

However one of the best things about Image Essentials and Kay Western is her generosity.   She has studios packed with props and poses FREE for all to use.  Each studio is dedicated to a certain style ie male props/poses, group props/poses, family props/poses.  Then dotted over the sim are full builds for you to use at your leasure.  You can rezz your own props and poses but seriously you will probably not need to do that at all because not only has she ensured that there are as many props/poses for people to use she uses not only her own but many props/poses from basically everyone who makes them.  It goes without saying that if you do rezz something then keep the prims DOWN! and make sure to CLEAN UP!  I know that seems obvious but Faith and I know all to well that people can be such mucky people lol.  Other than that all Kay asks is that you join her, Free, group and don’t bother the wild life.  This generosity allows everyone a chance to try to make pictures that they are proud of and show them how artistic they can be.  Also although this is an active sim and group you’re not spammed.  One of the most helpful groups and even when you’re on the sim pulling poses no one will bother you because they’re all so busying doing their own thing.  So no excuses for all the naff piccies.  Pop over, join and see what you can do.

Hopefully the LM should take you directly to the Image Essential stall at The Thrift Shop but if it doesn’t it’s easy to find as it’s right at the end of a row and right next to the row of so tempting Gachas.

PS although Kay has made all of the studios and builds free to use there are Tip Jars to pop some Lindens in or just go and buy something.  That way you get to have some handy poses to use in your own home as well as helping with the cost of the sim.

Image Essentials@The Thrift Shop

Image Essential

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Shabby sweetness Home & Garden Expo


HGE Shabby Tabby Table & chairs, screen, lights

Get your “awwww’s” lined up, here’s some seriously sweet gear from Shabby Tabby. above is the chalky chairs and table set, plus the ever-so-cute lighting rod with assorted dingly dangly lamps (they turn on and off too!) The screen is so lovely, very different from what I’ve seen around and could easily fit in most décors. Great sitting animations, in fact I sat there for a few hours clearing my inventory out !

HGE Shabby Tabby & Boogers

This is also from Shabby Tabby, the “story time bookshelf”, low prim and uber cute with lotsa poses to lounge,read and dream. The pompoms are from Boogers – I HAD to won them as I make pompoms in real life ! one prim a string and assorted colours in the box.

HGE Shabby Tabby NEW!!!

There is also this darling little tent, regaled in twinkly lights and pink bunting, with a pile of cushions inside and out. The textures on this are exceptionally beautiful. All available at The Home & Garden Expo !

Shabby Tabby @ The Home & Garden Expo

Home & Garden Expo blog