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Free Stuff.

So far my SL goodie hunting is a big fat fail so I decided to do some more dumping.  The bubbly boxes are full of old Gacha wins, or in this case loses as I don’t want them.  So instead of hanging onto these things time to pass them on.  If I remember correctly there is a whole load of curtains, a desk with lamp made of suitcases, a lamp, a bed which is particularly good but sadly particularly high primed for my taste and even some Junbug collars and lots more because chances are I’ll be adding to the heap for the rest of the day.  PS feel free to join the Pure group, it’s the pink board you can see and snag yourself one of Faiths much cuter gift boxes.  It’s been so long since I peeked inside I’m not sure whats there but I do believe she has some really low primmed tree’s in there and since I have them on my land I know they’re good.  Don’t worry if you just join to grab the Pure Goodies and the leave we won’t hold it against you.


The LM takes you to our new Fun park which has some rides for you to enjoy and of course the rest of the sim is open to you so you can come here and just wander around and chill but of course same old same old “nebbin” in Faiths home, the one on the hill.  You can absolutely make yourself comfy in mine and don’t worry if were there you don’t have to even say Hello.

Free Stuff