A weekend kiss (Freebies).

I always like to get something posted for the weekend but I decided to KISS it this weekend (Keep It Simple Stupid) as I’ve got such a lovely and busy weekend planned and so little time.


“Beauty in beige” was also going to be the title for this pose as well.  I’m using a couple of other Freebies that I’ve recently posted about ie the skin and hair but the dress is the NEW GG from S@bbia.  Simply join the free group and grab this simple beige mesh dress and if you haven’t yet, shame on you, go get that massive fat pack of hair from Argrace and although I haven’t had time to check the skin is still there I’m pretty sure it will be so basically all of this look for FREEEEEEE.

Sadly for me though I have to return to RL and tidy the kitchen before my weekend of fun can start, I hope everyone even if they’re on their own this weekend has a lovely time and remember to treat yourself to something you enjoy.

S@bbia (Dress)

Argrace (hair)

Insitu Skin

Insitu MP