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My last words to Faith yesterday was “I only have 20Lds left so I’m going to go on a massive Freebie hunt” I should have bit my tongue as I said it because the very next place I went to ended up costing me many more Lindens.


As it happens as soon as I put on this look I knew that there was the perfect build at Image Essentials for me to use and show it off.  The funny thing is right next to this wheat field is the same home I have and it’s interesting to see how someone else has decorated it compared to my own home.  I’ve also used only Image Essential poses  in my pictures as it seemed only right and they work so well.  This one is another available from The Thrift Market and the other from Kay Weston’s Mains shop Image Essentials.

I found this shirt it at the A*S stall at The Thrift Store and I had to have it.  Doesn’t come with the under shirt so I threw on one of my basic Sn@tch shirts to cover the boobies and yes I was so tempted to take a piccie with full frontal boob flash.  The A*S main shop is “under construction” at the moment but you can pick this shirt up there as well as the Thrift Shop, she also has a shop at Lubbly Jubblies which is a shopping mall dedicated to the boobalicious and I will be spending some quality time here soon :-).  I’ve not tried this shirt with my lolas but I have a feeling that although they don’t come with a lola applier that gaping front will allow a generous flash of boobs.


The other thing I found was this thigh bag strapped to my hip. At first it looks like a holster but in fact it is a bag with zips, buckles and hoops such excellent texturing and such a snug fit.  I went back over to The Thrift Shop and yet again spent more money and picked up some demos but sadly I just couldn’t locate the exact LM for the Obscure stall so I popped over to the main shop and I’m so glad I did.


Obscure is set on a wintery snowy sim with some really good shops but to get the to Obscure goodies you have to enter the mine shaft.


Although I could have given it a couple of seconds for the floor to rezz a bit clearer this is an excellent underground build.  You come across the main selling area which again I couldn’t find the actual belt for sale but in all honesty I wasn’t trying to hard as I had joined the free group and lots of notices tell you about the goodies you can find in the hidden room so I just started to walk through the tunnels.  Lots of spooky noises and interesting rooms inc the church I’m going to buy once I’ve got some more Lindens free.


Sadly after a quick tinkle on the piano I had to give up my hunt.  I will try to locate the exact LM for the Obscure stall @The Thrift Store but my locating skills seem to have completely left me.

Big thanks to one of our readers for sending me the link to the Obscure stall@The Thrift Market.  We always prefer to give you the LM as close as poss so you can grab the goodies and then have a wander around afterwards instead of the other way.

Obscure@The Thrift Store


A*S@Lubbly Jubblies

The Thrift Store


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