She right. (Mens Freebies).

The next time I manage to spend sometime in SL I gotta unsub to all of those women’s shops/events that I seem to get so many notices from but at the same time some goodies might just get past me like this jacket/hoodie.


A simple and well know design in SL of a hoody with undershirt and shirt layering and yet again the texturing is excellent.  Took a little bit of camming to find it but when you know where to look it’s easy.  This and some other freebies, for women, came from the latest round of The Cosmopolitan.  Join the Free Group and there seems to be 3 rooms in this event and this jacket is above the doorway into the room.  Trust me I’ve explained it badly but it’s really hard to miss.  Not had a good look around but I do know that this event has a whole mix of stuff ie poses, clothes shoes.


Had to take this one of my “Co Pilot”.  Not the best of the hair but Zans just blogged this Free hair from Argrace and it’s definitely unisexed.  Packed with many shades and a resizer option and it’s ideal.  Love it love the price, FREE.

Cosmopolitan Sales Room