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Lazy post Lazy Bones Gifts just for YOU.

In  a desperate attempt to reclaim both our sanity and our invents Faith and I are constantly trying to reorganise and reassessing whats needed and whats not.  Sadly since 90% of it is non Trans it means making some hard decisions on what to keep and what to throw. I get the same feeling when stood in front of my RL wardrobe! So here I am on a Mon Morning sorting out the stuff I can hand on to you and tbh it’s not carp stuff.


Yup that’s little old me sat there.  This is Faiths new Fun Fair set up on our sim and this stall has not only freebies from me but Faith as well.  If you want to Join our Group Pure Eggs & Spam the funny boxes with smiley faces can also be yours as they’re our Group Gifts and Faith has popped in even some of her own hand crafted items in them.  Don’t worry though most of what you see can be grabbed without joining our group we just want rid!

I’ve set out some brill non SLink shoes from Ingenue and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m a SLink addict I would keep them but I have so many SLink shoes I will never wear em so time to pass them on.  Some Hucci wedges and some others named shoe brands.  We both have also put out some Arcade items which even though we could resell them we don’t have time to bother with that so again feel free to grab some home and fun stuff.  Faith has some wearable barrels which are lofted into the sky by seagulls I have one of them but I’m keeping mine because it’s fun daftness.  Actually I’m not going to list everything here but as we all know Arcade stuff is usually brilliant and low prim and in this case free.  More will definitely be put out but only when some space has been cleared and I promise I’ve set the boxes to sell this time.

PS click on the box and you will be able to see whats inside

PPS Feel free to wander our whole sim but pleased keep out of Faiths house, the one on the top of the hill, she’s a private lady.  My house on the lower land is open to all.

PPPS Faith step away from the goodies!!!!!!!

Dreamwords (our sim).