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Purp (Freebies).


If you look closely can you see that the skin is actually tinted a Mauve colour. I’m not really sure if I’ve captured the real inworld colour of this most unusual skin but what the Heck its FREE and pretty unique as well.  Funnily enough I had just had a massive clear out of old skins etc but I held onto the few unusual coloured skins because sometimes I like to dress down and dress up my actual AV skin.


You get 2 shades in this pack and the only difference is the freckles.  In this picture I’m wearing the light freckled skin and the other is a darker freckled skin.  This is a weird skin because esp with the freckles it has a very natural look but the actual mauve shade is definitely not natural.  Yet another generous amount of Appliers with this skin ie SLink Hands, Feet, Lolas etc.

The hair is another Group Gift, yup forgot to mention that little fact.  A very stylised look with fake fat curls.Both of these items come from Red Mint and both need you to join the FREE Group to grab them.  The hair is obviously in the Hair dept and the skin in the skin dept LOL  You will also find that each dept has a couple or so Lucky chairs as well and even though the time on them is pretty short and there is enough traffic through this place for the letter to change often I still wasn’t lucky enough to win one of them.

(Red) Mint