News to me (Man & Womans Freebie).

I a notice through from “Fameshed” and I actually read it for a change, I never realised that a Free Group Gift is set out for visitors  There is a womans and mens gift if I remember the womans is a rather nice blouse but of course it was the male one I was interested in.  You will find the Group inviter and the Gifts just inside the gate just where you rezz so even if the place is packed you should be able to find it.


A complete and utter nerd look.  This includes the plaid trousers, shirt and jumper and damn sorry I should have paid more attention before I logged out but I’m pretty sure you have a choice of long and short pants and the shirt can be worn on its own or with the jumper or the jumper on its own so a hell of a lot for the cost of nothing.


Close up of the table because Zan’s had this for ages but has been so lazy as she’s never got around to posting about it so I thought I’d use it as a prop.


This is it in situ in one of her many sheds, sorry the lighting is a bit dark but the texturing is excellent.  The whole thing is one piece so no fiddling with bits, the flame on the burners actually flickers, all those papers, vials, powers etc all come to a MASSIVE……………..2prims.   Pretty unbelievable but yes just 2 measly prims for all of that.

I have to say that although I like these pictures I’ve managed to make everything look pretty dark, the trousers for example you can’t see the pattern at all…..My Bad:-)

I’ve put the link for Pucca’s Marketplace shop but you really have to see his stuff inworld to be able to appreciate the amazing quality of the texturing.  Very RPing with cages, weapons and outfit but a whole mix of time periods so a pair of futuristic glasses are next to a Warriors cod piece.


Pucca Firecaster Creations

Pucca Firecaster Creations Marketplace