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Renting a home in SecondLife (Part 7)

Rental 1

I’ve found a fantastic little apartment ! Actually like it SO much that PD paid for a few more weeks rental. This comes from Paedra Estates who have a huge selection of homes to choose from. Something to suit all budgets, this home is 270L per week and comes furnished with an additional 150 prims for your own personal use. Interesting concept is, all the furnishings are left so that group members can move them around in edit mode, or request them to be moved (no additional prims can be gleaned by this but you can buy more if you wish).

Rental 2

Have to say the furnishings are sooper lovely and almost all of them are by Bazar – one of my fav furnishing stores. Menus for colour change, superb poses and such great looking items. The rules are simple really, don’t go over your prim allowance, no temp prim rezzers, and be nice – that’s it really !

Rental home 5

At the main office (landmark below) you choose which home you’re interested in, slap the board and it takes you to another office where you need to find a green teleporter. Green means there is a vacancy. A few of the larger homes were fully taken but the apartments seemed to have a few of each available. Once you’ve found an empty home, teleport up and pay the rent box . A group invite then arrives straight away – SL was playing up with mine and I had to relog to get the group to show.

Rental 4

At 270L per week this is a real bargain, so classy with everything you could possibly need – although there are other cheaper homes to see also. The only thing I’ve added is a fireplace. The bed is also by Bazar, wow its amazing, SO amazing I went and bought one ! Actually furnished rental homes are a great way to advertise for furniture makers – people were always asking me where I bought things from when I did rental homes – so they could buy them. Obviously works as I spent a pile of dosh at Bazar this week !

Rental 3

Love the dining area, options for wood and different food items, this landlord has a real eye for design and making a home look special. Must mention that there is a very good security system installed that you can add and people too – so effective I banned Zan *wink* – Ive not had any problems with lag and happily found that the television worked for me here despite not working for me in my own home for the last year ! Landmark below to the main Paedra Estates office – have fun !

Paedra Fall main rental Office

Bazar Home Furnishings

2 thoughts on “Renting a home in SecondLife (Part 7)”

  1. Paedra estates is great. I love the low rent, furnished apartment and amazing number of additional prims. I’d happily recommend it to anyone.


  2. Thanks for reading the blog Tzeitel ! I have to agree with you – I rented for one week, then my partner came by, loved the apartment and paid for 3 more weeks – its our little hideaway ❤


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