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I was sent a brilliant pressie when I logged in yesterday, a new skin off Sly Puma (otyebis) owner of PumeC and I had squealed because I had already seen a picture of this posted in someones Flickr account and I wanted it so badly but the person hadn’t put much detail of where it was from and it turns out it’s a PumeC skin.


To take this picture I was going to dig out one of my Mina hairs because I know she has some excellent black and white hairs but when I popped this blonde one on I just couldn’t help but think how good it looked and just because this skin is called Elven doesn’t mean you have to go around with ethereal eyes or wings or horns or whatever “Elvens” are known for.  Skin this shade will stun up a simply outfit or suit a whole outlandish look.


But of course half the fun is to stand out from the rest.  I did a little test and in a normal outfit and not the dramatic red dress I went and stood at Sn@tch whilst a riot was going on so basically about 20 other AVs were there and I had my settings set so I could see who was looking at me and I’ve never seen so many of those cross hairs on me before and I got several IMs asking me where I got my skin from so you want to make an impression then this is the skin for you.

Now because I’m only allowed 1 “Nip Slip” I’ve popped a couple of piccies onto my FlickR account for you to see more flesh but don’t get worked up it’s nothing crude.




Because I used such a dark room I had to lighten the image a little bit so this last shot was in my fav settings of Nams skin and prim if you’re at all unsure a demo is out for you and btw I did pop some make up on with this skin as well so the eyeshadow is mine.


Each shade and there are 3 in total (White, Light Grey, Dark Grey which is what I am wearing)  cost just 499Lds each and in my honest SL opinion this is a BARGAIN there is also the option to purchase all 3 shades for only 1199Lds.  The reason this is a bargain is because of the Hud it’s just packed with all the Appliers anyone can ever need.  I have some other skins which I do really love as well but I have to pay extra for the SLhands and then think about getting feet and if I want to wear my boobies that costs me yet more money and it’s like a never ending money pit.  PumeC as standard includes all the most common

The Applier Hud for this skin contains all of these……

Visage Head Applier

Loud Mouth Applier

Lola Tango Applier

SLink Hands & Feet

SLink Physics Mesh Body

Wowmeh Applier

Baby Bump Applier (going to assume it’s an AMD Baby Bump)

Phat Azz Applier

Gheto Booty Appler

& not in the Hud

3 skins same shades different eye brows

Teeth Alpha

Clevage layers

Goes without saying you need all the items yourself such as SLink Hands or feet or a Phat Azz to be able to use the appliers they don’t come in the pack.

And just to have some icing on the cake Sly Puma has one of my all time fav skins as a GG and some other Group gifts just waiting to be grabbed, a more than reasonably priced Gacha and some other special offers and all of this is in her shop on a beautiful sim so even those who have a limited budget can still look great and have a place to meander around in SL.

 PumeC Skin

PumeC Shape

PumeC FlickR

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Promotional Offer !

Stars Fashion - complete out inc shoes for Slink high feet 119L

Stars Fashion has another set of complete outfits on offer for a short time for just 119L. My absolute favourite from this collection is “Belisa”. You get the whole look – studded pants, mesh long jacket, even a clutch purse!

Stars Fashion - slink shoes (high)

What’s more the shoes are all ready for Slink high feet and are totally scrummy and sparkly and gold – yum . Head on over to the store or market place and check out the new offerings .

Stars Fashion store

Stars Fashion market place


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I forgot. (Freebies).

I got notice of some new Freebies at Lo’momo so I, of course, TPed straight over and grabbed them all of the free to join Group Gifts and it turned out I already had some of them which included this pretty rose balcony skybox.  What I had forgotten is how sweet and handy this little skybox is and that it was also a freebie.


This is the outside which has a balcony of roses but really that’s not for you to use it’s mainly so that from the inside it looks extra pretty.


This is the view from inside the way you have your windlight set also changes the way it looks.  A simple cube room with lovely wood flooring, shabby chic wallpaper and a big window overlooking the roses.  Even without windlight this is a warm rosy skybox handy for everyone.


To me this hair and dress are both new.  Mesh dress, creamy with a lacy overlay.  Didn’t seem to come with an Alpha but I simply used one from another dress so that’s hardly an issue.  Click on the hair for the resize menu and it also comes with a “full bright” option which turned it from a blond to this more silvery blonde.  Not a vast difference but I actually preferred the full bright option.


This gift is the frilly lacy mesh top I made a boo boo and missed out the chest frill but I think I actually prefer it without in any case.

More gifties than I have shown are available and it includes a lovely mesh dress that has a hint of Elizabethan in its styling but it’s much darker colouring so if pink n frilly isn’t your thing there is still something there for you.  Free to join the group.


OMG check out Bonne Chance, the lovely pink shorts I am wearing came from here so I decided that it would be a nice idea to pop over and see if there is any freebies available but I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of Vitamingir latest landscaping.   She is someone who extends her imagination and creativity into her sim as well and I’ve long admired her work but it’s been ages since I was last over even though I am in her group so all this fluffy cloudiness was a pleasant surprise.  I’ve not used any camera trick with this photo I simply used the sims windlight setting and pulled back my camera.



There I am closer up, you can just about see the main shop behind me and once I get back inworld I’ll be having a good mooch around not only the shop but also all the other cloudy platforms which are connected to by the wood bridge you can see.

Bonne Chance


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Scare me.

Still working the Wild West Fair look.  I forgot to say that the Gachas are right next to the rezzing area so easy to find the Image Essential Gachas, there are 2 of them.  I did have a bit of a wander around and there are some Dollarbies but not many and I haven’t had a chance to unbox and check them out yet but you may have more time on your hands.


Scary is another example of an Image Essential prop/pose from a Gacha at the Wild West Fair.  I got 3 in total and loved the one of me hanging from the his arm but this one with this pose was the best for use with my wheat field and of course a Scarecrow needs a field to live in.   They’re all the same scarecrow just different poses.  Just plain fun and again a great photo prop or item of decor for your home.


Save on these pants and spend on the poses.  A simple bargain pair of pants off the Marketplace.  Only 10Lds and mesh and although they’re called “printed spring jeans” both the colouring and flowers lend themselves to the cooler months.  There are a number of items priced at only 10Lds and as it happens but I’ve been way to busy (lazy) to blog one of them and that’s an outdoor cinema set.  I have rezzed it and it actually comes playable it has a browser and through that you can connect to the internet so I read a bit of the Daily Mail and then watched some cute cats on You Tube and packed it pack up.


OOO I rummaged through my pictures and found some snaps I’d forgotten I had taken so a rough shot but enough to show you the screen playing youtube and yes thats a Minecraft clip I’m watching.  Some neat poses in the pillows and the lights can be turned off and on.  Seems to be pretty unlinked so you can remove or reposition the cushions, the sand is the base so that can go and you can put it on grass etc.  Nice and bright and only 10Lds.

The Wild West Fair

TBO Marketplace

TBO MArketplace Outdoor Cinema


Splash out (dollarbie & SALE!)

coldLogic martin - Pollen Giselle hair MG marbella bangle & earrings SALE!

More news from coldLogic, make the most of the last remaining days of summer and treat yourself to this sweet little frock. Its called “martin” and comes in a few lully colours. I opted for white as I was feeling all pure & innocent this morning *wink*. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body, as you can see it really is thee perfect fit ! My hair is from new-to-me store Pollen , it’s located inside the Maxi Gossamer store , only a handful of styles at the moment but I really liked them all ! Fingers crossed for more to come. Of course while I was in MG I had to take a peek at the flash sale items. It said for the weekend, but as of 10.30am GMT its still on – so dash if you wanna pick up some real steals – I certainly did !

coldLogic NEW! Dollarbie dining set - KoiKoi shoes NEW! Mina hair llse

This is “sanders”, also from coldLogic. Id call it a day dress but if you wore a hat and glammed up it would also make a lovely partay outfit. I’m prancing about in the lavender tone which is sooper pretty and feminine, teamed up with my new KoiKoi shoes “candy snake”. I’m wearing one of my all time fav hair-do’s from Mina, its called llse, such a natural style which makes it über useful.

Dollarbie dining set

The sweet dining set is by DH, really low prim and only 1L – it also gives out a cup of splosh to wear – love ! Perfect for a smaller home or to brighten up a dingy corner.

DH minimalist dining set


coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


Pollen (in the back of the MG store

Maxi Gossamer (sorry if the sale has ended by the time you read this!)



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Another of the big events going on at the moment is The Wild West Fair and I have to confess I wasn’t going to go as I’m neither a cowgirl or a RPer but then Star Ghost sent me some of the Gacha items they have set out there so I went and I’m glad I did. This isn’t hardcore Cowboy/RPing stuff although there are plenty of clothes and props to suit that fashion, there is a whole mix of clothes, skins, shoes, hairs and on and on everything you would expect at an event.

cow use

What a way to spend a Sunday morning Yeehawing on a mechanical bull.  This prop and pose bull is one of the prizes in the Image Essentials Gacha and for 75Lds you get the bull and bull ring with a single pose unless you’re lucky like me and win the rare one which has all the poses in it.


This is not only a great pose/prop but at 11 prims a fun decor item if you have a stable, ranch type home.  Check out the Woo Hoo on my face that’s a freebie Emoter hud you can get from the excellent Image Essentials sim.  I’ve mentioned this sim before because when someone spends so much time and money and thought into making something anyone can use for free needs as much plugging as they can get so everyone can have a try at taking pictures even if it’s just for your own pleasure.   Kay has not only set up a number of studios packed with not only props and poses from her shop but from other animators.  She has studios for Families, women, men etc  The Emoter Hud is available in that background studio, it’s probably available elsewhere but easy to find there.  Then we have to talk about the sim, there is a TP to take to different areas with full-sized builds where you can use what she has set out or rezz your own, make sure you CLEAN UP afterwards and of course this is a non nookie sim so no using rudie poses!

All you have to do to use all of these goodies is simply join the Group and if you can spare a few Lindens then it donations go a long way to saying thanks OR even better pop into Kays big shop and treat yourself to a pose or prop.


Back to the bull.  In the rare there is a total of 8 poses and each are so photogenic I ended up taking dozens of pictures at all angles.  Remember of course if you really want the rare but keep on ending up with the non rare you can keep on trying till you get it because there are numerous Gacha Yardsales and I can’t imagine you would have any difficulty of reselling these if you don;t like the particular pose.


Can you tell I had fun?  Again as someone who is constantly looking for props and poses this to me is a real find but again as I have this shoved in a barn or outside is a great prop for your home.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed you win the Rare if it’s any help.

The Wild West Fair

Image Essentials Pose Studios, Sim and Shop

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Couple of pretties (Freebies)

Free gifts !

I’ve been on a bit of a spend up this weekend, primarily because Zan and I bought a sim surround for our island (it’s called Dreamworks if you wanna pop over and cruise around!) The surround is stunning but a bit primtastic – so we had to have a cull of stuff – boohoo – anywayyy I popped over to one of my favourite decor stores and managed to buy a few new things that were MUCH lower in prims, about a saving of 150 in total ! While I was there I wandered over to the freebie zone, you need to join the group but its free. The store is called Dysfunctional Designs and I alwayssss come away with something new ! It’s all so beautifully crafted, mostly mesh and a lot of it’s just 1 or 2 prims, brilliant for us prim misers huh? This dainty stone bed of flowers is just one of the gifts (there are loadssss) at 1 prim it neatly filled a gap from a bench I had there, the hanging paper lamps are also 1 prim – for the whole lot. (The tree behind is also from DDD – very reasonably priced and it has some neato functions that allows it to grow fruit – love it)

FREE gifts !!

I also snapped up two of these darling little planters, just 1 prim and there are two, green ferns as above and red flowers. They sit so nicely on my doorstep I adore ❤ I dare you to visit this store and not buy a thing, its just impossible !