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Another of the big events going on at the moment is The Wild West Fair and I have to confess I wasn’t going to go as I’m neither a cowgirl or a RPer but then Star Ghost sent me some of the Gacha items they have set out there so I went and I’m glad I did. This isn’t hardcore Cowboy/RPing stuff although there are plenty of clothes and props to suit that fashion, there is a whole mix of clothes, skins, shoes, hairs and on and on everything you would expect at an event.

cow use

What a way to spend a Sunday morning Yeehawing on a mechanical bull.  This prop and pose bull is one of the prizes in the Image Essentials Gacha and for 75Lds you get the bull and bull ring with a single pose unless you’re lucky like me and win the rare one which has all the poses in it.


This is not only a great pose/prop but at 11 prims a fun decor item if you have a stable, ranch type home.  Check out the Woo Hoo on my face that’s a freebie Emoter hud you can get from the excellent Image Essentials sim.  I’ve mentioned this sim before because when someone spends so much time and money and thought into making something anyone can use for free needs as much plugging as they can get so everyone can have a try at taking pictures even if it’s just for your own pleasure.   Kay has not only set up a number of studios packed with not only props and poses from her shop but from other animators.  She has studios for Families, women, men etc  The Emoter Hud is available in that background studio, it’s probably available elsewhere but easy to find there.  Then we have to talk about the sim, there is a TP to take to different areas with full-sized builds where you can use what she has set out or rezz your own, make sure you CLEAN UP afterwards and of course this is a non nookie sim so no using rudie poses!

All you have to do to use all of these goodies is simply join the Group and if you can spare a few Lindens then it donations go a long way to saying thanks OR even better pop into Kays big shop and treat yourself to a pose or prop.


Back to the bull.  In the rare there is a total of 8 poses and each are so photogenic I ended up taking dozens of pictures at all angles.  Remember of course if you really want the rare but keep on ending up with the non rare you can keep on trying till you get it because there are numerous Gacha Yardsales and I can’t imagine you would have any difficulty of reselling these if you don;t like the particular pose.


Can you tell I had fun?  Again as someone who is constantly looking for props and poses this to me is a real find but again as I have this shoved in a barn or outside is a great prop for your home.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed you win the Rare if it’s any help.

The Wild West Fair

Image Essentials Pose Studios, Sim and Shop