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WHUT!! Lazy bones lazy post & a Giftie for our followers.

Just got a note off Faith that the shoes I put out where non trans which shocks me, such a NOOBISH mistake for me to make and I’m still scratching my head over how I did that.  So hand on heart next time I put something out I’ll get Faith to check it so people don’t waste their time (as it happens already have a tidy pile waiting for her to check now).  So sorry if you tried to snag a goodie but failed..I’m an arse really.




As our followers will have notice I’m having a moan about my stuffed invent.  As a blogger and a home owner over my years in SL I have an invent that would make a Hoarder reel and say “whats wrong with you”.  Sadly so much of it is non trans which means I’m having to trash so much good stuff but if I’m not going to use it or wear it it has to go.  However on the rare occasion I find something that is decent and Trans then I’m going to pop it on our Cafe welcome point for anyone to come and grab and I do believe that Faith is going to do the same.


3 boxes are waiting to be picked up the same shoes in each box just different colours.  They’re non SLink and come from Blah Blah Blah.  I’ve had some good stuff from here but I don’t know what these shoes look like so I can’t guarantee the quality but it comes with a Hud and I believe a sock layer to blend over the ankle join so when something is well thought of it can’t be bad.  In anycase just pop over and grab a box and maybe even chillax for a while.


This is the set rezzing place on our sim and everyone is welcome not only here but anywhere on the sim.  So if you want to come and have a look around and find somewhere nice to sit please feel free to.  The only thing we ask is you don’t go into Faiths home.  Her house is the one on the hill,  funny thing is Faiths homes have always seems to have been up high I think it’s so she can look down on me LOL (I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal).  So ignore the house on the hill, not that she has hidden surprises there in any case just a lovely cottage house and garden, but my home on the lower land is open to all. Feel free to sit inside use the pool, swings etc.  Even if I rezzed inworld and your there I won’t bother you, I’m usually on my platform doing stuff.   Sorry though no nookie balls are set out  which is why I’m probably a singleton in SL LOL.

Home Sweet Home

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  1. Dont forget to join the Pure group and collect all the free gifts at the cafe too ! (I like a good view thats why my homes are on hills smartass lol)


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