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It’s all in the details

Eclectica NEW - Versailles Baroque jewellery

I love finely detailed pieces, sometimes I get a bit “blah” about things I’ve bought, they are nice but they don’t stand out, know what I mean? Well feast your weary fashionista eyeballs on these beaut’s! This jewellery set is new from Eclectica and Tiffy Vella the designer has totally outshone anything that I’ve seen recently. Its called the ‘Versailles’ Baroque jewellery set, and it’s just SO gorgeous – I haven’t taken it off yet. The set comprises of earrings, necklace and a ring. Sunflowers adorned by little sprays of metals and then tear drop shaped stones dangle at the ends …the fantastic thing is that Tiffy has left this modify, so you can edit colours to your heart’s delight, even the ribbon – got a special outfit and want your set to co-ordinate? No problem !

Eclectica RING

There is also a matching ring included and I don’t usually wear rings (apart from my wedding one obviously) but this one is so sweet and very summery. If you purchase this set at the main store, unusually you can also grab yourself a demo. Not many jewellery stores do that, its refreshing and makes choosing SO much easier. You can also send items as a gift – pssssst Guys! Mental note for special occasions, you can buy here for your special person ❤

Eclectica NEW coldLogic NEW!

Thats not all, there’s more shoes , for the Slink high foot this time. Dead glam and super sparkly. These are the Blenheim stiletto’s and they come in a huge array of colours and finishes. Listen up this is the important part – some of the colours are only available at the moment in the L’Metallique Event that is running until the 9th of September. These are the gold on gold, the gold on black and the silver on black versions. All other tones are on sale at the main store and on the market place.

Eclectica NEW !!

Here a little close up view so you can check out the intricate design. The centre and smaller stones have a menu with a large choice of colours. I absolutely adore the Ivory pair ❤ You can get blue and green, black and purple and more.  Try a demo and see the pretties up close. Thanks Tiffy !

Eclectica store

L’Metallique Event

Eclectica market place

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irelan dress by coldLogic

YUI hair by Argrace