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Rushes in with yet another SL  quickie.

dress lace

2 utterly lazy shots but yet again RL is rush rush rush but I spotted the Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt and I also spotted at least 10 items I want and at 5Lds each I can afford them.  I have managed to grab a few of the items I wanted but then RL called and I reluctantly returned so here is just a couple of the samples and TBH because time was short I pulled a pose and took a shot and left it at that.  For a better look at whats in this hunt I’ve put the link to the blog and not only do you get the LMs but also easy hints and pictures of the prizes.


The top and skirt are in the 1 cupcake but come as separates.  Went looking for a classroom to show off this Kawaii school girl uniform and found a fairytale carousel so just hopped on and took the piccie.

Even if you don’t like the 2 outfits I’ve shown make sure to check out the link because there is a whole mix of things from SLink shoes, hair, dresses, poses, skirts, make up etc etc and I can highly recommend the Miseria skirt as I already have that skirt but in a different shade and it’s a super fit and cute.

When I get back inworld I will definately be grabbing more of these 5ds goodies.

Cupcake Anonymous Hunt.