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Normally on a Fri the first thing I do is grab the FLF Notice (Fifty Linden Friday) and I’m off for  a mini blow out but late last night I was over at PumeC and sadly no new Group Gift but as I was stomping out to check out the lovely landscaping outside I noticed a Gacha and decided to splurge so first thing this morning I enjoyed myself with my new skin.

OK at a 100Lds we’re not talking about a fortune and knowing how brill his skins are I decided to take a chance and this is one is a freaking big WOO HOO off me.  Because this is a Gacha item and you may win either the same shade or a different one, some with make up some without.  I’ve had a bit of fun with my settings and so I’m not using my usual Nams but in all honesty this is a delightful skin.  Between this skin and my beloved Vlada skin I don’t think that I will be wearing much else for my own personal use as I wander SL looking for Freebies.


The big Woo Hoo is because even this Gacha item has not only all of the Appliers in an easy to use single HUD but also the SLink Physique body which I bought a little while ago but this is the first time I am happy to wear it and show it off as I love this skin so much.  Almost as much as the Group Gift skin Vlada which is still available and that to comes with a fat packed Applier Hud just not the new SLink Physic bod option.


Couldn’t help it but I had to pop inworld and just take a plain old picture in my usual Nams Optimal Skin and Prim setting just to prove how good this skin is.


Since I don’t get to wear my Lolas as much as I would like to and this HUD now makes it so easy I thought I’d take a gratuitous boob shot but you’re going to have to follow the link rather than me show them in alll their boobalicious glory.

As I’ve mentioned, Oh about 6 times, there is some Free to join Group Gifts and included in that lot is my ALL TIME FAV SKIN called Vlada.  She comes with, yet again, the full pack Applier HUD just not with the SLink Physic body one. Go get her, she is such a sweet skin even Faith popped over and grabbed her and that HUD just makes everything so easy.  She has smoky/smudge make up which makes her look like a sulty Vamp but a simple use of a make up layer turns her into a fresh faced girl.  Such a great skin and unbelievably free.

I know that everyone is so different in their preference over skins and shapes so I may rant and rave about a skin and someone may put it on and wonder what the heck I was going on about but even if the skins doesn’t grab you have to admit that the HUD that comes with them makes PumeC skins so affordable and useable.

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3 thoughts on “Normally.”

  1. Thank you so much for the Pumec gatcha tip. I think I have my new fav skin and how amazing it comes with all the appliers…appliers that others charge 200L plus for. This plus the amazing freebies that are offered, make me wish more people would support generous designers like this one!!!


  2. Hi ZuZu – thanks for reading the blog ! Zan has gone off on holiday for a few days but she will be thrilled that you liked the skins as much as she does. If you’re a member of the Pure Eggs & Spam group there will be a message going out later today about three of those gacha skins that I won and don’t need – look out for it !
    Faith ❤


  3. LOL I ain’t gone till Monday. Thanks for such a positive comment. You’re so right most people even in SL like/need to make a little money and sometimes we really under estimate how much time effort and money they have to invest to make a really great product. To then also appreciate that not everyone can afford to spend so much and still put out such awesome GG’s or this Gacha item so everyone can benefit. Although I always like to think that when someone adores their product when they do have some Lindens to spend they will do so in their shop. Sly Puma knows how much I adore his skins and really appreciated the bargains and freebies because I always drop him an note to thank him it’s the least I can do.


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