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Brat (freebie).


I had a bit of better luck with the MM and LBs at Sakide and when I logged in this morning I was sent the 2 items which are on offer on the MM board.   I won this army mesh suspender dress and a pair of shorts but  I also won a few items from the LBs as well but since I had just found this great combat  sim I decided to arm myself to the teeth and show you the army suspender dress from the MM board.


A better shot of the dress without all the junk I added.  A simple mesh dress with a nice touch of colour changeable suspenders.  Just as nice is that it also comes with a Lola Tango Applier so I dusted off my boobies and had fun. Again this is a MM board win but there is a high turnover of people here because of all the LBs so I should imagine that the MM boards are filled every night.  The TP should take you direct to the wall with the LBs but if it doesn’t then simply walk forward from the landing place.

Special mention to the sim I took this picture in because I had litereally just stumbled upon it just before I won this army dress and realised it was a perfect place to take a picture.  This is a combat RP sim and the free to join group info is this: This is group is for updates on Soulless Productions new releases and any upcoming feature film projects. Our sim features our latest releases, the Bates Motel & Psycho house. Welcome to Bates Motel Apocalypse,grab your free GCS Combat HUD and prepare for the fight of your life. The dead have risen, the world has gone to shit and out here in the desert no one is safe… or are they? Perhaps that old motel might be..

I’ve not found Bates Hotel yet or even shot a Psycho yet but I’m looking forward to having a wander around here so check it out for yourself.


Bates Motel Apocalypse Sim


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Swimming with Turtles

Boudoir Summer Gacha - wearable swimming turtle 50L ! kokolores Faye hair NEW! Valentina E ruffled Bikini

I know I know, it’s usually dolphins people crave to swim with, but I’ve always had a fondness for turtles. Zan, bless her cotton socks gave me a double she had got from the boudoir summer gacha, which reminded me I hadn’t blogged my prize ! There was ONE item I really really really wanted, and I got it first go yay! This adorable  turtle is wearable, so it takes up zero prims, you can whizz about on land with it, or as above under the water. I felt a little bit like a mermaid awwww. All the tiny fishes and the baby turtle are linked, so they all follow along – this HAS to be my favourite summer thing everrrrr. 50L per play, which for the quality of the prizes is a real steal. My ruffly bikini is from ValentinaE, lots choices of colours and a great fit .


Valentina E

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Time Wasting (Freebies).

rapture hoodie

I decided to take the piccies in Liquet Selona shop, Bella’s Lullaby, because I was determined to win one of the prizes on the LBs.   I did win the top one shown in this picture but I’m still waiting for the white shirt I really wanted to come back up and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it has my initials on it when it does.bowMy initial still hadn’t come up so I popped up to the little sitting area on the roof and took another picture because all is not lost. Liquet Selona has 2 free to join Group Gifts to be snagged.  The top picture is of a “Hipster” top with mesh shorts and glasses this bottom picture is of the same shorts as the top but a lovely mesh top and that red hair bow.  So even though my initial on the LBs hasn’t come up yet I’m so pleased with these lovely GGS.

Sorry boys no GG’s for you but check out the upper levels for some mens mesh wear.

Take a walk outside of the shop as well because he has a lovely landscaped platform for people to enjoy and also a small Gacha Yardsale going on so you might find something you’ve missed.

Bella’s Lullaby

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Lazy Lady

Clawtooth hair NEW - Valentina Ruffled swimsuit - Pink Acid plumped lips

I’ve been hunting about for a one-piece swimsuit, something chic and sultry. Then I recalled the bikini I had bought from Valentina E at a summer event, and wandered over there to have a look around. Joy ! There is also a swimsuit in the same design. A few choices of colour, I chose black as I was feeling a bit vampy , the fit is just superb, enough cleavage on show and lowwww at the back to expose a fraction of derrière. Added my new hat/hair combo from Clawtooth “Adventure Girl” which is on sale at Collabor88 (I tolddd you I went a bit mad in this round !) Last purchase was another lip layer from Pink Acid called “Plumped up lips” in cherry. I’m SO glad that Pink Acid still does parted lips with teeth in tattoo layers, I didn’t get on with the loud mouth mesh thing at ALL !

Valentina E 


Pink Acid

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Sun dusted, Freckles & Beach life

ArisAris - Flowey - kokolores Faye hair NEW!

ArisAris have just released this chic little outfit, its perfect for beach time, or wandering about in. It comprises of a short wrapped skit with a wide matching belt, and a frilled bandeau style top. Theres even a little brooch that teams up with the floral print on the fabric ! Btw my fantastical binoculars are from Flowey at collabor88, two poses in them one stood up and this one above.

ArisAris -sandals for flat Slink feet NEW!

You can also nab a pair of matching toe post sandals to wear with it, these are for Slink flat feet. Love the details on these, check out the stitching and the co-ordinating flower !

Kokolores freckles & sun

I also popped over to see the Cosmetic Fair Beach Party event, if you’re into your makeup , hair & nails you’ve gotta go ! KoKoLoReS is there with a newly released hair-do called Faye, which I’m wearing above. You get a busty version in the pack for those of you that lurve your bewbs. My favourite thing was the Beach Glow makeups ! Freckles (light and darker versions) and a lovely sunshine glow !

ArisAris store

ArisAris Blog

ArisAris market place

Cosmetic Fair Beach Party


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Sunny days and Rain clouds

Bubblez Framed collage - musical ! and animated !

Something a little different from Bubblez today, and its something that I now have installed in my SL bedroom. This framed picture is animated and musical ! Just touch the little black cat and select a tune from the two available, or choose the sound of rain softly falling. It’s quite a large piece but you do have the option to resize it – I kept mine big and it sits beautifully on my bedroom wall, a real talking point and the lullaby music is very peaceful. Thanks milo ❤


Bubblez Blog

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Although I am English the one thing I hate is TEA!!! Can’t stand the stuff, I only wish I could because everyone else seems to love it but it makes me want to HURL.  Didn’t stop me from TPing my Alice Ass over there to grab this quick Freebie from Boudoir.


That’s me shooting “hackies” (dirty looks) at the tea.  There seems to be an Alice in Wonderland theme going on at Boudoirs at the moment and although I can’t stand the stuff what I do love is all the things associated with tea such as delightful teacups, pots and doilies, little cakes and even drinking with your pinkie in the air.  I have to confess I even drink my coffee out of over sized breakfast teacups with roses on the just like Lady Gaga.


I didn’t think I would get to use this 30Ld skybox I’ve recently blogged so soon but since this is a flash freebie from Precious Restless shop called Boudoir I didn’t really want to waste too much time setting out a whole scene so I. quickly rezzed it and the tea cup for you to have time to pop over and grab this goodie.

I’m feeling so sad here at Boudoir because as I’m writing this I’m camming around all of her stunning clothes, hair, shoes and costumes I can see she’s adding more and more amazing home and garden decor items and until payday I’m on a no linden budget.

The theme at the moment is very much Alice in Wonderland and if you love this freebie you should check out the full table set with chairs and teacups and all things that remind us of that wonderful story I’ve also just noticed she has a board and a LM to a whole Wonderland Scene so once I’ve posted this I’m going to pop over and check that out and I might just tack a piccie onto this post later.

OH I did lie a bit about the no Linden budget because Precious has 2 summer gacha boards and I couldn’t resist gambling 50Lds because I would be happy with any of the items and so I was more than pleased to win the romantic swing set..


Welcome to the Wonderland Sky Platform I’ve mentioned, I TPed in and just grabbed this picture because I got a Security Warning that I was to be ejected which was a surprise so I quickly changed my Windlight setting and snapped this picture.  It was only a little bit later that I realised that you actually have 1200 secs to have a good wander around and this is plenty of time.  I’ve not used any photo shopping in this picture just one of SL’s Windlight settings so you can see how adorable this will look inworld. LM given for you to have a good look and don’t worry about the time.


Boudoirs Alice In Wonderland Garden.