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As free as….

OK maybe not  free but 10 Lindens which is pretty darn cheap and that’s just to join the group itself so you never know what other goodies may come your way once Posh Pixels takes off.  I know very little about this shop as it’s literally just getting started, so at the moment there isn’t much to see but it’s lovely that already decent goodies have been put out.  There is a men s gift as well as this one for meeee but I haven’t checked that out yet and will send Baylen in for it.


Slight confession is that when I saw the styling of the peasant blouse it was a bit emmm another one of those tops but in all honesty I LOVE this look!!!! The addition of the cut off fabric pants in the earthy green compliments the acidic and in some light almost luminous yellow/green top.  Someone has a good eye for colour matching,  I mean how good does this look?

Very little in this shop at the moment so grab the GG and the LM and I’m pretty sure they will be stocking up as quickly as possible and from what little I do know this will be a shop of “all sorts” ie make up, clothes, prefabs, gifts, decor items and I love this type of shop as I always find something to tempt me.

Posh Pixels