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I want to tell you all about Image Essentials  Kay Weston and her management  not only has a shop to buy all the props and poses you need to take some decent pictures but in true generosity she has a WHOLE sim set up with a massive amount of props/scenes/builds/studios/landscaping and all of that is OMG FREE to anyone to use.

The amount of time, money and imagination that goes into builds like this is staggering but to then leave it open to all and sundry is a reminder of what SL is all about.  However of course that doesn’t mean you cannot donate to the running of the sim and a gentle reminder is send out occasionally but no matter how large or small the donation just the fact that you have donated is much appreciated.  Then again you could also pop into her main shop Image Designs and treat yourself to a few poses.


Every time I visit there is something new and the Unicorn I’m battling with is certainly new to me.  I deliberately took this picture just using SL Windlight settings so even if you don’t have any sort of photo editing program you can still take brill pictures.


I rummaged through some of my previous images where I have either used Image Essentials Props or Poses to show you.  Nice to see that the men for once get quite a decent chance to take pictures as there are many male poses and props and even a full studio with just mens stuff (that’s never stopped me from using them as well). There are several studios from men and women to family poses.  Which leads nicely to the point that nudity isn’t frowned upon but only when it’s non sexual or porno, no one wants to see the danglies or the bazookas purlees!


Sometimes the simplest backgrounds can make the biggest impact. Although you do have to join the Image Essential Group to be able to activate the poses this is a great group.  People more than happy to offer help and advice but quiet enough so you don’t feel annoyed at all the chat.


As I’ve said not only does …use her own props n poses but is more than happy to stuff her sim with some of the best in SL and everyone should recognise who made this amazing pond. There are urban builds to enchanted woodlands.   The best thing about this place is no matter how busy it gets, and it is a popular location for many a photographer, you will be left alone! No one will IM you to ask what you’re doing no one will bother even camming you because this is a place for Pros as well as novices just to chill out and hopefully take some great pictures.


The “Dare” is that the Monthly Comp is now in place and you still have more than enough time to enter.  The details will be sent to you when you TP in and it’s basically very simple.  Kay has some new builds set out a lovely cottage and apple stand(shown) etc and all you have to do is using this area as a prop/background take your best shot. You can rezz any prop or pose you wish but again make sure you clean up.  Just to show you how user friendly this photo sim and Kay is check out the basic rules:  This simply means if you don’t have any sort of Photoshopping prog or skills so you won’t bother entering then you have a chance just using windling, facelights and skill to win not only some Shop Credit but also actual Lindens.

(must be a snapshot – saved to inventory when photo was taken and NOT edited))
(anything that is sent as a texture – a picture that was saved to harddrive
and then imported into SL and is classed as a texture regardless of whether
you have edited or not.)

Now I have rezzed and used my own poses sometimes so I know that you can BUT and I cannot stress this enough please clean up after yourself.  I don’t think this is a big issue at Image Essentials, of course I could be wrong however it must be so frustrating for any sim owner to have to keep on checking the prims because of people rezzing stuff and just not cleaning up after themselves.

To make it even easier I’m putting not only the link to the sim but also the one to join the group so you don’t even have to slap the group joiner board.

Image Essentials

Image Essentials Comp Area

Image Essentials Group Invite

Image Essentials Marketplace

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