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Have a thought.


I Sometimes I get so many notices and notes coming through I miss things and I almost missed the 3 Group Gifts set out by Juno Mantel in her shop Junbug.


Snigger reedited piccie to make Faith smile again.

Junbug is a shop devoted to the LUSHNESS  in SL.  Heavy draping costumes to frilly froo froo, costumes for paupers to princesses it’s all here.  This isn’t a free to join group and I can’t remember how much it cost me but it’s been paid back in full and much more with these 3 items alone.


This decadent dress is one of the GG’s and yes there is no top just the tightly cinched corset and flowing full skirt. The other 2 gifts are a white wispy full skirt with a tight black corset and no boob flashing with that dress, there is also a satin shawl/cowl.

Check out her blog NOW! Junbug Blog just to see the beauty in her styling.  If you can’t afford her Group joining free then make sure to slap her sub board and this way you will be kept right upto date on special offers and events because I do know that Juno Mantel does put out specially lower priced offers of her shop quality clothes which to those who are on a budget is brilliant however her clothes are like a drug.  When you wander around her shop the temptation to spend spend spend is strong.

Awww nooo I’m going to be spending more Lindens because if you scroll down her blog page you will see some of the items she has in a Gacha at The Secret Affair but she also has a few of them tucked away in the back of her shop which I didn’t look at because I would end up spending a whole load of money.


Junbug Blog