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Free Flatness.

I’ve got to reboot my internet connection (which means turn the router on and off in laymans talk) but fortunately I’d snagged these flatties and this picture before I crashed.


If you missed the last Group Gift from Pure Poison then make sure to grab these sweeties, a slightly different method in delivery of this Group Gift in that they’re put in a Gacha and the first  is your free pair and the colour will be a random colour, as you can see I won the black ones.  If you love them and want more colours then you pay and play the Gacha as normal.

Also check out the stalls because they’re fully loaded with old Group Gifts and then I crashed so really I can’t tell you much more but I did spot a very similar pair of sandals to these ones but with ribbon bows on them.  Sorry to say you will need SLink flat feet for this pair but you never know the other pair may not need SLink and there was more than shoes on the Group Gifts stalls.

Pure poison