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Blushes (free skins and eyes).

Blush use

Back with a Zinger.  As it happens in RL I am doing the washing however unlike my lovely SL self I’m not doing it with flowers in my hair or a rude amount of bra showing.

This is a free skin from Blush actually that should be free SKINS from Blush as Marie Whitfield has set out as a FREE to join Group Gift a whole pack of skins in all the shades and also a massive selection of eyes as well.  Since this is a free skin instead of changing my settings to my usual Nams I’ve just used the sim settings as a back ground.  So many skins and eyes, I am wearing a pair in this picture, that I’ve really not had the chance to check them all out or even count how many there are but there will definitely be something for everyone in that big fat pack.

PS check out the hunky male dancer in the window.  I spent a happy 10 mins watching him.



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