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You’re in the army now – The Challenge

The Challenge - Cleo Design

A new round of The Challenge is upon us – and just like the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland – I’m late ! This months theme is “army” and theres a bunch of top notch deisgners showing their wares. Above is part of a set from Cleo Design. The army style chat corner is ever so cozy, you get a footstool, tea service on a tray and two marvellous chairs. I so love the wood on these, it gives them a really modern twist without losing their charm. SUPERB cushion textures also, and some nice work on the metal studs. Brilliant shelving unit is included, its got a nifty model plane and a pipe .

The Challenge - Cleo Designs details

You also get a dart board, it actually works which is groovy as Ive never owned a working dartboard in Second Life ! Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design

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