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I’m not camping – I’m Clamping

Boathouse clamping bathroom - Complete set couples & single poses

I do so like the idea of Clamping, camping but in a posh stylish way ! I mentioned before when I was at Boathouse the other day, that I did snap up a lot of gear. Who can resist when it’s so well priced and so cute. Zan got verrrry excited when she saw the “clamping bathroom set”,  have to admit that I did too. Its quaint and chintzy, just perfect for outdoors’y bathing. The bath itself has single pringle poses and couple ones. They are all really really lovely, plenty of them too. The prims are low and the details high !

BoatHouse Clamping bathroom and cabinet

Inside the blankets surrounding your tub is a little side table with hurricane lamp, shampoo and a towel, outside a little mirror – plus a delicate asian style lamp. The cabinet was another buy, it went SO well with everything else how could I leave it behind. You even get the patch of grass !

Boathouse clamping table set

My all time favourite is the “Clamping table set” – SO girly and charming. Poses for males & females and plates of toast, a little vase of flowers and a table runner. (Theres also a bible which I haven’t rezzed) As I was sitting admiring the view a donkey wandered up – he must’ve smelt the jam. Shout out for my hair, another to-die-for style by Argrace, you can wear it with or without the flowers entwined in the plait, called “KOTO” , sooper pretty. My outfit is alllll by coldLogic – yes yes, I am stilllll attached to the fowler shorts . (3 days and counting – if you’re interested)




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Boathouse blues (Renting a home in Second Life part 3)

Boat House Rental Skadi

Ahh yes, I am still on my bleu phase ! I even managed to find a house that’s blue – heaven ! Big thanks to a SLU forum member who poked me towards this rental company – I found SO many homes I liked it was hard to decide upon which one to rent and play around with. The rental company is called  “ffrendz” and have a few sites – the Sim I rented on is called Skadi. At the moment its all hands on deck as they are totally revamping their rentals – new homes – new layout. When I found a home I liked, it wasn’t quite ready – so I dropped a notecard on the lovely owner Basilicum Beerbaum and asked if it could be reserved for me, so I could pay the rent when it was ready. No problem ! The very next day, I was ready to roll. Received a note from the landlord with all the information I could need and dashed over to claim my retreat.

Boat House Rental Skadi - front views

The rent is incredibly affordable, I was surprised. I was going to rent one of the little funky beach cabins but decided to go large and splash out on a larger home on the oceans edge. This larger spacious home cost me the grand total of $386L per week – what a steal ! I also get 250 prims, so plenty to decorate the home, rez up a boat as it has access to the sea to sail. As you can see outside you have a long deck area, perfect for entertaining, fishing from and lounging about. (I have a little confession *gasp*, I usually rent for a week, enough time to get a feel for the area and take some snaps – but yesterday I put another week on the box as I LOVE this place that much.) Player came over last night – got his seal of approval too. I haven’t been bothered by a soul but I see people on the sim regularly. I’ve sailed for hours, fiddled about inside and just sat enjoying the view. The landlord is friendly but not in your face – I was given all the information I needed upon renting, a warm welcome also. The rent box contains a prim counter – so you can easily keep a tally of how much you’ve used.

Boat House Rental Skadi - side window views

The home I chose to rent is fabulous. Underneath you have your very own boat house, a place to store your yacht or speed boat. I have really enjoyed sitting on the deck and watching people sail by. Upstairs are the living quarters, this is a view from one of the side windows. as you can see, you’re not hemmed in by other houses and it gives the feeling of wide-open-spaces. I noticed that none of the homes I looked at had a locking system for the doors, so I asked about it. You can, if you want, use a security system of your own. I bought mine from Phil Deakins at Prim Misers. I think they are around 150L a pop, easy to use, simple to set up . (I’ve used these for six years, brilliant little thing) To be honest though, I’ve not even bothered closing my doors – its a nice neighbourhood and you get the feeling that there’s no need to lock up and safeguard.

Boat House Rental Skadi - interior main living spacve - Boathouse sofa, rug & coffee table

The main living area is vast, plenty of room for a sofa, desk or even split it into a bedroom studio kinda deal. French windows fold back to reveal a large balcony area that’s ideal for dining or sipping your morning coffee from. There is also a smaller room off the lounge, great for a nursery or office space, perhaps a small kitchen.

Standby Desk - Sways birdcage photo frame - Pure poison sandals - all clothes from the new coldLogic summer range - hair by Argrace

In one corner I placed my brand spanking new desk set from StandyBy Inc, currently available at collabor88. It really fitted in with my nautical home !

Decor detail

I also splurged a little at Sways and bought this darling little photo frame in the shape of a birdcage, you can add your own happy-snaps !

Boat House  Sofa - coffee table & rug

My superb sofa is from BoatHouse, I hadn’t been to this shop for simply agesss and I thought they might have something sweet for my new home. I was right ! Snapped up this couch and fishy shaped coffee table plus a rag rug for the floor. The animations in the couch are sooo lovely ! Singles & couples and naughty ones too o.O ! More from the Boathouse later I promise – I bought a LOTS .

FYI. Ffrendz rental community is undergoing a revamp currently, they will have rental offices set up at each location eventually apparently, which will make it easier to navigate around all the areas. There is also a web site which is under construction for the time being and may not be totally up to date, this is the web address :    .  Contacts
If you have questions:
Please IM:
Soar Wingtips or Basilicum Beerbaum




Standby Inc.

all clothing by coldLogic

Hair by Argrace

Prim Miser

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Slurrrrp !

Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting

Ohmai lord, there’s so much newness bursting out from Aphrodite store at the moment ! I thought I would kick things off by sharing with you the new wine tasting table set . It’s visually stunning, SO much to look at, so much to do ! As always with Aphrodite the win is in the little details and attention to beauty. The stools hold the animations to eat and drink and what superb animations they are. For instance, you can actually serve yourself wine from the bottle, just accept the offer of animation from the popups that come as you choose your pose. The brilliant thing is it’s all rather low land impact, so it wont eat up your prim budget to have it out all the time yippeee!

Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting set

Heres a close up of some of the goodies, heaps more that you can play with too . This set would sit so well indoors or out, beach or pool party  – heres a list of what the box contains :

Set contains:

♥ Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bar Stool with 5 unique animations and 2 props (wine bottle and wine glass)

♥ Vintage oak & glass wine tasting table. Barrels are filled with wine corks. MESH 4 LI.

♥ Country cheeses big board: MESH only 10 LI! With over 10 different cheeses, cookies, cheese sticks, garlic toasts, olives, cherries and more. Dispenses 14 different treats on touch to eat with a graceful animations, and also says on general chat how it tastes and info about each piece, to add realism.

♥ Double country board with delicatessen: features the most expensive cheeses and salamis of the World, super luxurious treats new in SL! MESH 14 LI only. Beautiful decorated with specially made knifes and forks for cheeses. Dispenses 7 different treats on touch. Taste the world famous “moose” or “donkey” cheese, or the Italian “Caciocavallo” horse cheese, or why not a cheese made with gold, like the “White Stilton gold” or another aged for centuries like the “Bitto Storico”? Something innovative for your parties and lot of fun for your guests.

♥ Snacks bowls: peanuts and two kinds of fries as extra addition. Two prims each.

♥ Chianti red wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Chianti white wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Aphrodite new summer wines collection: 7 different wines to taste and enjoy (1 LI each). Bottles comes in two versions, individually or to rezz all of them together to save prims, in this case would be a total of 4 LI only (linked set with multi menu). Moscato, Riesling, Merlot, Vignoles are some of the wonderful options to taste.

♥ Set of 6 red wine glasses decorative. MESH 1 LI.

♥ Set of barrels and grapes, decorative. MESH 3 LI.

It’s quite a huge amount isn’t it?! You can go to the store and rez a demo if you’d like to try it all out. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite mainstore

Aphrodite market place store

Aphrodite Blog

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Pussy Tails. (freebies).

Decided to pop over to RH Designs because although Ryo Ixxel hasn’t put out a notice in a while I thought there might be some new stuff or better still some new free stuff in his shop [[RH]] Design House and I did find new free stuff.  This rug with not only with the 2 cushions but also a cute kitty cats bottom and tail poking out as it digs under the rug only come to 2 prims!  Most surprised and pleased and it will be kept out now.  There are 2 rugs to choose from this but apart from the difference in texture it’s exactly the same with the cushions and kitty cat.


Although it’s always great to see new free stuff it’s also lovely to see old GGs left out esp when they’re such great quality.  So make sure to grab not only the table next to these rugs but also check outside the front of the shop to see a whole load of Decor Group Gifts make sure to grab those crates and click and sit as they have hidden poses in them.


I rummaged in my Flickr Account and found my old photos of a previous GG which is the desk.  Just like everything in his shop if you check out the back of the chair and the front of the drawers you will see details not usual with such low primed items.  All of his items have such a lovely little touch to them and at affordable prices.

[[RH]] Design House

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Tell no lie.


When I got the notice through that Shoenique has a seriously discounted room set up I was sooo excited I TPed my semi naked AV over there, too lazy to dress properly, and grabbed a pair.

OK won’t tell you a lie I did have difficulty skin matching these to my AV but I did actually get them pretty near but just not close enough for me to take a close up of the shoe and also, honestly I’m not trying to talk you out of buying these, there isn’t a resizer options so there was a bit of an ankle gap for me. However these aren’t insurmountable issues because the Hud which maybe limited options does offer you the option to input your RBG skin number if you know it and of course you can either wear some sort of ankle chair or resize your AVs ankles to cover the size difference.

So why bother? because all of their shoes are of offer for only 10Lds and not everyone in SL is Linden rich.  There is actually quite a selection of shoes to chose from and also some clothes.  Sadly no demos which is why I thought I’d described them with all their flaws and positives.

PS the blood drips are my addition there is always something so off putting showing shoes with cut off ankles.


Shoenique Marketplace

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Now for something different.

slaveI popped over to Stone Misery to grab the 60LD weekend offer of a grungy stove/cooker to store in my invent as a handy prop. Then I noticed Dominant/submissive Hunt sign and since I was hoping my initial would come up on the Lucky Chairs I would kill sometime and see if I could find the hidden Handcuffs (hint given) and woo hoo I did.  The prize is this work bench with a mini cage that’s being worked on and a separate mini cage which you can see me modelling, like a Pro.  Even though the cage is really small my AV tucks into it so neatly.  Each cage comes with the single curled up pose and the work bench has a single working on the cage pose each pose has light movements to them not frozen ones.   Each hunt item cost only 5Lds.

cookerThis is the 60Lds offering and although in SL and RL I prefer to keep my homes clean I know there are some serious scruffs out there so that this might just fit in perfectly to your lifestyle (filthy pigs).

Stone Misery is heavy into Goth, darkness, sexy,Master and Mistress etc but not so much so that even a”vanilla” like me will find plenty to tempt them.  Lots of decor items from books to Gargoyles, furniture from sofa’s to thrones, garden items etc and although you don’t have to be a Dom or Sub you do have to be an Adult to visit.

Check out behind the staircase for a handy TP to all the different depts.

 Stone Misery

Dominant/submissive Hunt SLurs and hints

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Sun rays on a Friday.

Zinnia's NEW!


Its been a lovely day here in England, sunny, warm and I’ve been slacking a little to be honest. I’ve fiddled about and doodled in my art book, drunk endless diet Pepsi’s and really achieved not-a-lot yay! Howeverrr, I did pop into Second Life and FINALLY took some photos of this new set from Zinnia Karu. Its called “La Chinesca” and its a complete look . I adore it, especially the gorgeous wood textures that have been used, and the sweet painted details. Very pretty to look at sure BUT, sit yourself down and check out what you can do whilst taking it easy !

Zinnia's NEW!!

Its got animations which rez props. (just say yes when the pop-up appears so they get into position) You can paint, write in your diary, read a news paper and drink tea, and much much more. I love items like this – they add so much realism into my Second Life. It’s nice to sit and relax, but I do enjoy actually “doing” something also, it just makes my heart smile. Even more good news is, that with the whole set rezzed, it’s just 9 prims – that’s all four stools and the table – what a life saver ! Thank you so much for sharing this Zinnia ❤

Zinnia’s store

Zinnia’s market place