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I’m not camping – I’m Clamping

Boathouse clamping bathroom - Complete set couples & single poses

I do so like the idea of Clamping, camping but in a posh stylish way ! I mentioned before when I was at Boathouse the other day, that I did snap up a lot of gear. Who can resist when it’s so well priced and so cute. Zan got verrrry excited when she saw the “clamping bathroom set”,  have to admit that I did too. Its quaint and chintzy, just perfect for outdoors’y bathing. The bath itself has single pringle poses and couple ones. They are all really really lovely, plenty of them too. The prims are low and the details high !

BoatHouse Clamping bathroom and cabinet

Inside the blankets surrounding your tub is a little side table with hurricane lamp, shampoo and a towel, outside a little mirror – plus a delicate asian style lamp. The cabinet was another buy, it went SO well with everything else how could I leave it behind. You even get the patch of grass !

Boathouse clamping table set

My all time favourite is the “Clamping table set” – SO girly and charming. Poses for males & females and plates of toast, a little vase of flowers and a table runner. (Theres also a bible which I haven’t rezzed) As I was sitting admiring the view a donkey wandered up – he must’ve smelt the jam. Shout out for my hair, another to-die-for style by Argrace, you can wear it with or without the flowers entwined in the plait, called “KOTO” , sooper pretty. My outfit is alllll by coldLogic – yes yes, I am stilllll attached to the fowler shorts . (3 days and counting – if you’re interested)