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Trust me (freebie, cheapie).

Although for eyes I should try to get a much closer shot I’m pretty useless at it and would just end up with that freakishly weird inside of your head shot. However I’m pretty darn happy with this close up esp since as a stroke of luck was that the skin I want to show you comes with a layer that has this beautifully matching violet/purple look to it.  All eyes and some tights come as new and old Group, free to join, Gifts.


The skin comes from Flounce and cost only 99Lds and you get so much for such a small price.


This skin comes with a total of…6 skins, 4 cleavage tattoo layers, 1 lip,1 eyebrow and 1 freckle tattoo layer and last but by no means least SLink hands, feet and even Lola Tangos so a whole lotta looks for just 99Lds.  I picked the cream coloured version but there are 2 other more tanned options and a Demo to try them one first.


Both the top shots come with the preset eyeshadow with the added tattoo lipstick layer on, but this bottom skin is the nude version and it’s perfect for leaving it on it’s own or adding your own make up and creating so many individual looks.

And remember all those lovely eyes come free from UMEBOSH all you have to do is join the group grab the goodies and if you have some spare time to kill there are some LBs for you to try.

OK Rush post because I made the mistake of having Hoarders on TV as I do this post and I got to go and throw something out and do a bit of dusting and then have a good shower just to make myself feel clean.