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Warning sign.(Freebie)


We should all have heeded this sign before we ever logged into SL for the first time.  Sadly this isn’t the dress I wanted it’s the consolation prize from Haught Couture Design. They have a shop at the Hello Tuesday event I’ve just blogged about.  Sadly since I’m a girl on a budget and payday is still days away even though her Tuesday discount item is divine it was still a  little out of my price range so I popped over to her main shop to see if she had any GG, hunt items on offer and at the back of her shop I found a small selection of really nice and handy outfits for only a promo price of 10Lds.

OK slightly confusing is that her main shop is called Haute Couture Design but the small satellite shop on the Cosmopolitan shopping sim is called Poute so go there to try the demo Victorian dress on because although she has it in her main shop it’s the smaller one that has it at the discounted price.


A close up of not only the dress I picked up from Haute, other colour choices available, but also the skin which is not only FREE but included SLink hands and feet and Lola Tangos WHOO OOH.  Not only is it a sweet and simple skin with lovely colouring and a light smattering of freckles, ADORABLE on its own and if like me you have a massive amount of make up this subtle facial colouring is not only delightful on its own but lends itself beautifully to so many looks.  This is a Group Gift but free to join.

 Haute Couture Design mainstore (promo items at back of the shop).


Laura Hurley Skins


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Hello Tuesday.


So when, yet again, I came inworld and was working my way through my notes and notices I started to check out the Hello Tuesday note and happily for me each item which has had its price slashed  also comes with pictures so that saves on oodles of time and when I saw these I knew they would me mine. Big fat apology here because yet again SLink High feet needed.  I do still have some non SLink shoes which are still so wearable but I am now a foot addict and when you come across SLink shoes for only 50lds it makes me smile.  Think about it, one of the reasons I delayed in getting SLink feet was the costs of the shoes but more and more excellent quality shoes designed for SL feet are appearing if not at the same price as non SLink but with big discounts

As it happens all of the shops involved in the Hello Tuesday event are all in the same shopping mall so although I’ve given you the LM direct to the shoe shop walk outside and outside of each shop involved is a notice board with the special offer on show, everything from nails to clothes.

Whilst your here also check out the large main shop called Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Inside is a whole selection of items , poses, shoes, dresses, hair, decor items and on and on and all top class quality and nothing cost more than 70LD


Enough insane rambling here is the LM go grab.

 hillyhaalan (shoe shop)

 Cosmopolitan Sales Room

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Poppy Dot.

For a change and since I couldn’t find a Demo I decided that apart from my usual windlight setting ((Nams Optimal Skin and Prim) I wasn’t going to edit this picture so the colour you see is the colour you get both with this dress and the shoe/ribbon.


The basic dress is one of the simple slip mesh dresses but with the beautiful addition of the flower corsage and the wispy over layer which has a slight dotty pattern on it gives it that lovely twist. Each piece is separate so you can wear the dress alone, the flowers can be worn with other outfits to jazz them up and if you were really daring the flowers with the sheer over layer only. This is the vanilla colour but there are many others for you to chose from inc hot red and devilish black with many shades between.  As I’ve said I’ve not fiddles with the lighting in both pictures so you get a truer image of the colour.  You get the standard Mesh sizes plus a couple of other sizes (flat chest S and flat chest XS) for those of us who prefer a androgynous shape or even ladyboys.  The flowers don’t have a reziser but you can move them in edit mode them in so they should still fit the flatter figure as well as the fuller one. 99Lds! sorry almost forgot to mention that and at that price well within my budget.

feet useI’m not a foot lover but when your feet are so perfect what a way to show them off with these leather(?) ribbon(?) laced around your sexy SLink foot.  I only wish my RL feet were so smooth and perfect, time for a pedi I think.  Since these were a Gacha item it was pot luck on the colouring and the colouring I won, orange, is so lovely I again decided to keep the lighting simple so you can see for yourself how lovely they are.

The Gacha is in the entrance of Jaycee Netizen’s shop Sugar & Cyanide and tbh although I know the shop pretty well I didn’t go in further than the Gacha machine because once I’d grabbed these lovelies I TPed home to try them on.  At only 50Lds a pop very affordable.  Note though you will have to have the SLink high feet also don’t rezz these on the land as they don’t need to be unpacked they appear in your “object” folder already to be worn so it might be a good idea to create a new folder to slip these in.

PS if you look back a couple of posts you will see I’ve just recently blogged Ghee as they not only have a free outfit for anyone to grab but also a hunt called Lucky Blackjack hunt and you’re looking for a playing card and it’s still going on.  Check out the link to their blog and you will see what is available and a very handy hint list.  The hunt area is such a lovely landscaped park small enough to make hunting fun and big enough to have fun just looking around.


Ghee Blog with hints and pictures

Sugar & Cyanide

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Coffee Lover

Aphrodite NEW!

Aphrodite has released a new gem for all of us coffee addicts. It’s really plush and fancy- smancy ! This is the “Nexpresso” coffee machine. The detail is amazing, each tiny button has a type of coffee written on it, you see the lit red button? Well that turns on and off too. The machine really makes your chosen brew and ohmai – there are TWELVE types ! (expresso, latte, capypso, mocha, cappuccino, cafe with cream, whipped vegan cafe, decaf, three mousses cafe, iced, Irish & Frappuccino) During the making phase, the machine hisses and clouds of steam appear as it froths up your milk – I love it ! When your drink is ready, it appears in your object folder, all ready to wear and enjoy.

Aphrodite coffee NEW!

Along with the machine, you also get the twelve coffee’s as deco items, they are so so pretty and beautifully made. My favourite two are above, check out the intricate detail on the spoon – just lovely. You can also buy this in a silver colour, so chose whatever compliments your home the best. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite mainstore

Aphrodite market place



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We’re all going on a …summer holiday ! (freebie inc.)

Dench Designs - by the seaside bench 40L 4 prims NEW!

I’m almost going to BURST with excitement, only a few days to my summer vacation ! With that in mind I’ve gone all beachy and summery in my SL mood. So much so when I spotted a gorgeous little beach house for free on the market place, I snapped it up and begun rummaging through my “to blog list” for items I could show off in and around it. I found this glorious bench seat at Dench Designs yesterday, go check that store out, its full to brimming with reasonably priced and low prim items for your home & garden. What I SO enjoyed about this is the hilarious animations and sound effects ! YES, really a bench with sound effects – coolbeans – you neeeed this ! It has couples and single pringle poses, one of my favs is above “feeding the seagulls” , not only do birds rez, but you’re given some bread to wear and scatter andddd you get seagull noises – utterly fab.  Just cant believe this cost me just 40L ! Player and I loved the “drunk” couples pose too – go try it out, you’ll chuckle I promise. Btw my leggings are by 7th store and are fitted mesh – new release and in a range of smashing patterns and block colours – this blue pair are my favs as they look like washed out denim.

New stuff_001

Next an event that’s ongoing, “The Domus Fair”, %Percent have this absolutely stunning bench on sale, it’s so perfectly finished I couldn’t stop staring at it. Especially the wrought iron work at the ends. The cushion is plush velvet, and the poses are really lovely (couples and singles), its super low prim and comes in a range of colour tones. The vase of flowers is also on offer , they co-ordinate really nicely with the benches actually.

Zinnias gacha beaded drapes - various colours - open & closed

You can just see behind me in the last photo these scrumptious beaded drapes from Zinnia’s, this is a new gacha item and you get both the closed and open style in each play. only 2 prims each which is brill. This is the Luna shade, the sol is also rather lovely, go try your luck! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Domus event

Last up are these from Serenity style, part of what looks to be a set for the Domus Fair. Perfect for your home or maybe a beach house, they just scream summer to me. Light woods used and shabby framed prints, I adore them. The beach house I took these photos around is a great freebie on the market place. It’s by Moon Falconer, only weighs in at 18 prims and has working doors to boot. I really liked the deck outside, which creates a lovely place to sit or fish from.

Domus Fair

FREE Beachcombers cabin (market place link)

Dench Designs

7th Store


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If you’ve got flat fleet

aru. opening gift shoes for slink flat feet NEW!

If you’ve got flat feet – time to celebrate! This scrummy little pair of shoes are made for those with the SLink flat feet, aren’t they just to-die-for! As a seasoned shoe-a-holic I can tell you – you will never.ever. have enough shoes. These are from newly opened “aru.”, which is a tiny wee shoe shop (at the moment).  This pair is the opening gift, and before I had even got them on my trotters, I was delighted with the box they came in – seriously. I know I know Im easily excited but how sweet is that animation? It made me smile anyway. Striped canvas shoe – the style I actually own a few of in real life. Great for the summer !

Not sure how long they will be out so dash !


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Come sail away with me

Free boat!!

I’ve been searching forever to find a boat I can actually sail, there’s lots around but they always seem to be overly speedy or just plain outta control! Maybe I’m just a lousy driver, but I’m so glad I didn’t give up ! I have not only found a few vessels that I can use with ease – but they are all free! Above is the simplest design I came up with, just a little wooden motorboat, smashing details on it and really low prim. Super easy to handle with three speeds, and lovely just to sit in. It can carry three people and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find all manner of gifts, shorts, bikini’s etc. Made by Berdav Marine who make some really stylish crafts.

Free boat !

I nabbed this to see what it was like, I’ve not owned an industrial looking boat before! This is the Michie Marine express made by Michie Marine. What a well-built item, its got a fishing chair with animation at the rear, it even gives you a rod to wear!. This will sit quite a few people as there are plenty of spaces to go around. For a larger build its ever so easy to control.

Free boat !!!!

My absolute favourite from what I’ve found so far (and I mean by this, you’d have to drag it from my cold claw-like dead hands) is this by Michie Marine. The SV240 is sublime, I found it so simple to manoeuvre, even in the small area of water I have at home. 28 prims and I count 10 seats! You can personalise it by touching the deck, its got sixteen colours. Really lovely poses for sunbathing, flopping about, proper seats, and of course the drivers position, which has a dead brilliant animation !

Free boat dispenses rideable wakeboards!

Player and I took this baby out last night for a test drive, what fun ! If you touch the wakeboard on the side, it actually drops one down into the water, hop on and off you go – don’t worry about prims, they de-rez if you don’t get on them – you do have to be in an area where you can rez though to use this option.

Free decor boat & trailer

It also comes with a trailer & boat decor piece – it’s a bit primtastic to be left out (well for ME it is as I’m always short on prims) The bopat itself isnt though – only 28 . Zan and I had a whirl on this boat today, she was impressed and even took the wheel  – Yes I did get a bit giddy *winks*…go treat yourself to some free fun, plenty of places that you can rez a boat and take off if you don’t have a home with access, actually I will look some up and post them here later for you ❤

Michie Marine SV 240 FREE

Michie Marine express FREE

Berdav Marine boat FREE

(Michie marine has an inworld store where you can rez a boat to sail yay! Please ensure you CLEAN UP after you) Michie Marine