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Flirty skirty (Freebie sorta).

I’ve just been rummaging through my Groups to see if there are any goodies I’ve missed and Voila, !gO has a new Group Gift out for us.


This is a cute and flirty little number, I love the way the shorts flare and the top shows off a bit of side boobs.


If you’re on a limited budget then there is still some of the best Dollarbies hanging up on the washing line outside the shop and a greenhouse with Gacha’s in it.  I have 2 of my fav dresses from that line and they’re still there with some old Group Gifts and although most are mesh there is still a couple of non mesh items.

I’ve been a !gO group member for so long I can’t remember how much it is to cost to join but it’s certainly less than a 100Lds and 50Lds is the figure that sticks in my mind and there is always a monthly Group Gift set out for us. Gocha Merlin also sets out an outfit which is slashed to half price the trick is you have to find it as it’s usually hanging with the other full priced items but I’ll be kind and give you a hint, Pirouette for me. Check out the marketplace for not only the Dollarbies but all the demos are there for you to try on.

This is one of the groups that if you do have some Lindens to spare you should join as they have never failed to put a smile on my face.


!gO Marketplace