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Indulge me (freebie).


Quickest grab and post every, about 30mins in total.

Just as I was about to log off Poised sent out a notice about its new June Group Gift (free to join) and the model was wearing the skirt in a similar manner as I am IE with a simple bikini top and it made me want to HOWL!  It is supposed to be Summer in the UK and yet again I’m sat here in RL in a jumper trying to resist the temptation to put the fire on and wonder why I ever bother to defuzz myself because the chances of wearing anything as Summery as this at this moment is ZERO.

Rant over, so yes the group gift is the skirt only but it does comes with a 6 colour changing hud so extra handy,  lacing on the side and a great fit.  As it happens there is another group gift on the desk next to this one and you have to join the “SL Free’s and Offers” group to grab that one but this one contains a non mesh dress and not only shoes for SLink feet but also system feet, that is a very nice touch because yet again not everyone can or wants to wear mesh and of course SLink aren’t free.