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Not only are we more than happy to be contacted if people have problems finding things or there is something in a picture that they want to know more about we love people giving us links to brill stuff and Zee (zuleicca)  was a sweetie and sent me the link to this and as a Thank You I will also pop a link to her Blog at the bottom.


As soon as I rezzed this on my land this was the very first picture I took and omg look at that texturing and sculpting of the walls, not only very impressive but vast.  At first you may think shop only but think outside of the box because with the right sort of partitioning, lighting and furnishings this would make a rather unique home and at only 20prims so low you can splurge on everything else and since this cost only 50Lds! even if at this moment you don’t have a need for a new building this is something you can buy and pop into your invent till you find the right place.


Both of these pictures were taken with the Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim setting (Touche Eclait of SL) so you can see the excellent concrete and wood texturing.  I’ve just plopped this on a corner of my sim without much thought on the landscaping around it because tbh since I’m a home wh*re I’ll be packing this one away and using it for background and a photo studio but even though it has an industrial look to it it would look even more stunning placed in a meadow of grasses and a few animals grazing around it or overlooking a beach.


I wanted to get a shot where you could get a better indication of the size of this build and I noticed a simple mesh bathrobe at mijn so I grabbed that for 30Lds and rezzed a bath changed my settings back to my sims Windlight setting and clicked.

The main shop is mainly clothes and accessories and to access this house you need to use the TP in the entrance and TP upto the “new items” section and Mijn Seoung actually uses this concrete cabin as the shop.  So you get to check out her new stuff and also see this build inworld before you cave in and splash the cash.

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