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Surprise(Freebie&Cheapies&Hunt items)

There are 2 surprises in this post the first is the fact I’m doing a house and the other is for Faith.  I have our sim Windlight setting set to this lovely blush sunset colouring and I’m not sure if Faith has seen it because like me she usually uses a setting which shows off skin and clothing to their best but this is the colouring any visitor to our sim see’s.  The house is also a surprise to her as I was just going to do the outfit but since this great build only has 5 days left to go at the slashed price of 55Lds I thought I must get it posted.


TBH it is relatively primmy but with the great texturing and open vista this sort of build lends itself to a minimalist look, but it actually comes fully furnished with a bedroom set, living room set, shelving, lamps etc.  the large decking area also has 2 sets of seating and other decor items.


Love the concrete flooring, deep slab at both doors and shadowing.  Don’t worry if you don’t like any of the furniture because it’s all removable but the bed was quite a surprise because it has some decent little poses in it but “Ohmai” as Faith would say it has not only a couples menu but one for the single lady and her pet rabbit!(geddit?).  Very naughty.

Comes in a handy rezzer and as I’ve said this is on offer for only 55Lds from… Best of all if you want to check it out before you buy then TP to the demo platform and you can rezz a copy but be warned it’s full priced in the rezzer, over 500Lds full priced, so make sure to TP back to the main shop and snag the bargain priced one.

To find not only this bargain but others follow the footprints and other markings on the ground and you will find a mix of indoor and outdoor items at slashed prices.  As it happens as usual when I’ve popped over to grab last minute details and the LM I tested out an outdoor seating bench the design of which is very common in the UK and it was pretty low prim and then I clicked the Menu! and that was yet another “Ohmai” moment.  Don’t worry plenty of non sexy in the menu but for those who like their naughty furniture to blend into their home then this seems to be the place to look.  Again be warned the item outside is full priced and so good to test out the poses but that same bench is inside on special offer of only 55Lds for the next 5 days.


Now to the outfit which is a quickie.  I popped over to Ghee to do their Lucky Jack Hunt and found this free skirt and top mesh combo in the main shop and it’s free for all so you don’t even have to join the group.  As you can see it’s a simple design but because I’ve used our sims windlight settings the colours have altered.  The top is a soft pink and the skirt is a pale mint and they match perfectly.  Doesn’t come as separates which is a shame as a simple top and skirt can always be combined with others to make new outfits.

I then slapped the Hunt Board outside the shop and then spent a lovely time wandering through the small and beautifully landscaped park where all the Lucky Jack cards have been hidden.  I failed badly getting anything and then I checked out the Ghee website and found that they have not only a very handy hint list but also you can also see what the prizes are.  Each card costs 10Lds and if you click on the card you do get to see whats inside it which means if you really want specific items then you can just go around and click the cards till you find the one with the item of clothing you want in and as someone with an over sized invent I so appreciate that.  As you can see from the website all of the clothes are so mix and matchable or as I was trying to do you could wear all the same colour. I will be returning to pick up the white top and white shorts because how cute will that all white outfit look with flat white shoes?

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