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Kawaii boobs.


Although I thought I’d had my fill of Gacha’s I decided to pop over to the Lily of the Valley Gacha Festaval mainly because this was my Mums fav plant.  The usual mix of clothes, make up, this n that and then I found this.  Nope I am not wearing my beloved Tangos as the boobalicious shape is from the dress.  So if you have wanted to “grow a pair” without the expense then for 50Ld this is a really cute and cheeky mesh dress..


Another clearer shot so you can see the belt and braces detail and all the butterflies you can see attached to head, arms and legs also come with the dress but you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to but remember this is a Gacha item so I won the pink but you may end up with a different colour.

So I TPed over to Magritta’s shop ****Mag<3.B. which I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged before because she has some seriously cute outfits and all at more than reasonably price in face if you want a certain colour for this outfit then they’re in her shop at full price of 90Lds which is still pretty damned good.  She also has some really exc GG, Free to join and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m in such a rush I would have loved to have shown you them.  Make sure to check out her MP shop as well not only to see the sort of things she has but she’s also got some really bargain priced prettiness.

Lily of the Valley Gacha Festival