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I’m having sweet dreams

Aphrodite Bed NEW!

Heart Homes (for the Aphrodite Shop) have released a new bed. You might wonder what’s so special about that, plenty of choice of beds in Second Life huh? Wellllll, you might want to look a little closer at this one, its über amazing . I don’t change beds often in SL, infact I’ve had my Dutchie bed out for almost a year. However, once I tried this little baby out I knew it was a keeper. Its got an incredible amount of personal choice built right in, and I so love that. Its got 172 self made and hand picked animations, anything from relaxing, eating, drinking, cuddles, kisses, solo and adult . What I really like about it, is that instead of having to look at your inventory to find objects given for certain poses, it just rezzes them, right in the correct place – you just have to hit the “yes” button that pops up, et voilà.  I also noticed that terrific shading and shadows. The bed posts onto the sheets, it’s a neat effect and just adds that extra dash of realism.

Aphrodite Store NEW bed - textures

Heres the killer deal, not only is there a vast amount you can get up too on and in the bed, you get an enormous array of texture choices. Not just bland colours , but totally gorgeous to-die-for bedding! The texturing is SO well done, I felt that if I reach out I cold actually plump up the cushions scattered all over the bed.

Aphrodite Store bed textures

There is something for everyone, and its so obviously made by someone who uhm…REALLY  enjoys their time in bed *wink*. Go try it out, you will adore the sleeping poses that actually snuggle you up in a thick duvet, something that I’ve really missed with other beds I own. I was especially pleased with the solo poses, not often you get such good quality interesting animations for one . Drawing, applying lotion, on the phone and more! I spoke to Jaylin Whitewood (the designer) about this new release last week, and quite simply he said “we wanted a bed that WE would enjoy”, well BINGO – he’s created one that heaps will enjoy, it really is one of the most natural , erotic and sensual pieces I’ve owned. Btw it does come in two versions, a PG one and the adult. So if you’re not into the sexual side of things, grab one to snuggle up on ! Thanks Jaylin ❤

Heart Homes (for Aphrodite Store) market place

Heart Homes main store

Heart Homes blog