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Epidermolysis Bullosa – The worst disease you’ve never heard of

EB awareness Event - schedule & free support band - donation Tshirt (unisex)

A new shopping experience with live show’s begins today, the EB awareness Event. EB stands for “Epidermolysis Bullosa”. Never heard of it? Me either, until now.

“It is a rare genetic disease characterized by the presence of extremely fragile skin and recurrent blister formation, resulting from minor mechanical friction or trauma. This condition is not contagious. An estimated 1 out of every 20,000 live births are affected with some type of EB. The disorder occurs in every racial and ethnic group throughout the world and affects both sexes equally”. There is no cure for this at the moment.”

 See more HERE at the Debra website. (You can also make donations there directly)

As you can see from the schedule above, there’s plenty to do and see. I’ve wandered the site and it’s crammed with fashion, homewares, jewellery, skins, hair and more! My T-shirt is on sale and is unisex, it’s just 100L, and is a donation item, you can grab the bracelet support band for free.

EB awareness - 39L !  Womanity 'May' Pencil Dress

I nabbed a couple of items to share with you, frankly I couldn’t resist , help a cause and look pretty ! This dress is by Womanity, its only 39L *faint*, lovely spring print all over and super tight to show off your curves. This is the “Lite” version but you can also get the full version that has a HUD for ooodles of patterns.

EB Awareness event  Womanity 'Naomi' Pencil Dress FREE - Fabuleux clutch gacha !

Womanity also have a gift out for you (thank you!) and its called “May”, a pencil skirt dress, beautifully done and a great fit. My purse is from Fabuleux, gacha addict that Iam .

EB Awareness Event - Something New - expecting

Quite a few pose makers are there and Something New very kindly let me get my paws on a some coupley  ones to share with you. This is “expecting”, I had to dust off my pregnancy shape , Player had no issue with being naked (naturally ) It’s so lovely, that protective arm and gentle hand reaching for the “bump”.

SN EB Awareness my girl pose

We also rather liked this one “My Girl” and decided to take a walk along the beach to find a spot to use it. Nice and casual, yet ever so sweet. My dress is from d.l.s (dirty little secret) It’s on sale at the event also. Love how it falls in ripples down the front and curves upwards to show off a little leg. I’ve got heaps more to share with you over the next few days, might see you at a few of the live shows too ?! While you’re there give a thought to Burdeyna Islands, who are the Events sponsor, they donated the land, without that nothing could really happen , so “thank you” ❤

EB awareness Event Location




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  1. I certainly hope you will blog for the October EB Awareness for debra of America I’ll be hosting 🙂


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