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Spring Garden

Hunt Gift - gardening shed - animated

I was overjoyed to find this gift in the Birthday Hunt, it’s totally fab ! This is the prize from Pillows & Things, a sweet little store that I mooched about in for quite some time. The gift comprises of everything you can see (apart from my sky dome of course!) The shed itself is fairly low prim, nothing is hard linked, meaning you can take away some of the decor items as your prim budget allows.

Hunt gift - Garden furnished shed !

The patch of soil is actually animated, and if you touch the little tool box it will give you all the tools to perform the chores. You can also touch the watering can that’s perched on the wheelbarrow to get your own can to wear, perfect huh?! Inside is just as a real garden shed should be, natural wood and ready to hold all your bits and pieces. I had a lot of fun with this and will try to find a place for it in my SL home. This hunt does end on the 30th, so dash !

Pillows & Things

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