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The Magic of Oz.

The magic of Oz an excellent and attractive hunt.  A whole sim set out like a wonderland with so many visual references to the famous film. The time, effort and expense that must have gone into creating this hunt must have been enormous but in return this is one of the best hunt’s I’ve done in such a long time.basket

First you land and touch the board for your wearable basket, you will need it.  There is a full sized one and one for the petites, children as well.  Then you “follow the yellow brick road”.

skullAs you wander around you come across some amazing sights such as this skull but what you’re looking for is Easter eggs.  The whole sim is covered in them which makes it super easy to find them, just click on the egg and it will be added to your basket. Once you’ve collected 6 eggs you get sent a message with a list of all the shops taking part in this hunt and you simply click the number matching the shop you wish to shop from and the eggs disappear from your basket and you get sent a stack of eggs.  Now that the basket is empty you can start to collect again.  Because the eggs are all random you can collect the same eggs again and again till you have all the stack of eggs for all of the shops.  The eggs once clicked on do take a few minutes to reappear but there are so many eggs and so easy to spot there is no reason for you to need to do this.


Stumble past the Wicked Witches legs and go into the town.


A quaint small town centre and in each of the shops is an over sized basket.  Simply wear the Egg stack and go into the shop that it matches and click on the basket and receive your prize and there are some brilliant prizes.


Nope this isn’t one of the prizes, sadly, just another amazing build on this sim.  You can go right inside and wander around the green corridors grabbing the eggs.  The reason I’ve used this and not one of the prizes is because I CAN’T WHAAA!! and I so want the prizes but as I’ve said I’m having SL issues and for some strange reason even though I make sure I’m wearing the right stack of eggs for the shop I’m in I’m just not getting the prize BUT please don’t let my issues put you off because as I’m stood there plenty of others are coming in and clicking on the basket to receive their prize and you know they get them because the stack of eggs disappear when they get it so it’s my issue alone and you lucky lot should be able to get some goodies.

But if you follow this link and you will see just an example of whats on offer but check out this list of those participating Silentsparrow, Schadenfreude, Half Deer, KataOnik, Pixel Mode, Cubic Cherry, Kre-ations, Fallen Gods Inc.  Each has a shop set up in the lovely munchkin styled village packed with the cute and new clothes and quirky items for sale as well.

The Magic of Oz Blog

Magic of Oz (in world)

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Oz.”

  1. You click the stack of eggs on YOUR head to collect the prize. Not the big basket.

    Also, more than one prize per store. Example- KataOnik has three dresses. They give out random when you click the stack of eggs on your head – one dress per stack. So you may need to do it more than three times.

    Good luck!


    1. I’m such a bloody idiot!! Thank you so much and as soon as I get in and grab the goodies I’ll post a picture.


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