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Naughty & Nice.(Freebie)

OMG I was checking through my posts and realised I had forgotten to click the “publish” button on this post so it’s late but so good so here it is.

When this came through from Follow Us I was a little non plussed because Laurent has just stocked his shop with very similar beauty boxes so although it has a different pattern on the outside I assumed it was something along the same theme and then I touched it and OMG.


It made me chuckle.  A very, very naughty box of  lotions and lipsticks, plugs and gags, buzzing things and funny things.  I was so tempted to sneak into Faiths home and rezz it on top of her wardrobe and wait for the howl of protest.  But then I have to share a sim with her and there are only so many places I can hide.

The funny thing is I really honestly believe that this would make a great pressie.  Even in SL, a hot bed of perversion and rampant sex (or so I have been told) there are still those who are a bit backward in coming forward in their kinks so if you have a lady or boy and everything in between in your life and you want to see if you can go that little bit further then send them one of these and see what happens.  Or if you’re such a Vanilla girl like myself then you could have fun keeping this in your home and if anyone opens it well  they might just have a chuckle like I did.


I’m so glad I always pop back to the shop I’m blogging just to make sure I get as much right as possible because although I noticed on my last visit he has some new workroom decor complete sets what I did miss was the latest FREE to join group gift of this mini garden shed with cuddle poses. AWWW it’s cute and detailed.  Freaking sweet, with the trays of apples and bucket of flowers, shelves, spade etc and I especially love the plant tendrils hanging down and the sweet key in fact I love it all.   Sorry I can’t attest as to how good the cuddle poses are cos I am a SL singleton however knowing Laurents style I know they will be good.  I’ll have to get Faith and Player to test these poses out.  In any case even if you’re not after a cuddle look at how excellent this looks and it’s free but then all of Laurent’s Group Gifts are shop quality and they’re all there on a wall waiting for you to click and join.

Kicking myself because I’ve been meaning to add this bit to all of my Follow Us posts but keep on forgetting.  Follow Us is a pretty large shop spread out and you find yourself wandering around which is pretty darn relaxing and he even has outdoor items emm outdoors so don’t forget to check them out but the Group Gifts are not really where you would think they are, in the entrance, so when you rezz go inside and then turn into the room on the right and inside this very large room is a smaller one with dark wood panels and all of the Group Goodies and in there.

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