Mad Cat Lady

buttery toast mad cat lady - dress, bow,sneakers , stockings & bangles

The name of this outfit really struck a chord with me, as you all probably know – I am the “mad cat lady” of SL! (I snuck into Zans home to take the photo cause its kinda like the place I’ve always wanted in RL – mad, sweet and crazzzzy.) Anywayyyy Buttery Toast has this whole look out for sale. You get the darling little black frock with bow (bow is optional) Two kitty shaped bangles, the stockings that have a kitty face on the front – and on the back a tail. Plussss the sneakers ! The whole shebang is just 120L – steal huh?! The cat I’m holding is by ::Fabuleux:: , sweet little store that’s full of non expensive treats and pretties, lotsa gacha machines which will always lure me in.

Buttery Toast



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Tram (Freebies)


So little time in SL today and yet I’ve scored so well not only have I managed to grab the NEW Tram group gift but also this cute little skirt and jumper from……OMG hold the post.  I went back to the shop I picked up this cute outfit from and scored so many freebies, hunt items and some Dollarbies so many things that I’m going to keep the shop and the LM a secret for the moment but I promise that tomorrow I will click away and take as many pictures as possible and my next post will have them and the LM you will need to grab the cute outfit but also a load of freeness.


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Glitter & Acid

Hudson's new release and FREE gifts_001

Hudson’s has a super new release out at the moment, I fell in love with it straight away. This is the acid wash jacket, comes in black, gold & blue – I’m wearing the gold one above. Lovely design details all over, the floral inserts really give it some girly glam.

Hudson's  FREE gifts

I’m also wearing the two free group gifts that are available, group is free to join. You can grab up the glittery clutch bag and sweet charm bracelet absolutely for free ! Both have a resize facility which is great to get that perfect fit & look.


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So SL has decided to play up for me today but I shall persevere.  So here am I using a photo that I actually don’t like but it was the only one I took of the skirt and so I’ve decided to just go ahead and use it.  The reason I’m not that keen on it is that I don’t think it shows the fishtail, bow at the back and the pin stripe as well as I would have liked.  This is a pin striped skirt which is a little bit steam punky and a little bit cabaret.  Sorry everything else is stuff from my invent and not hunt prizes.

skirtagainFaith and I have split up the World Tour Grid Hunt because it’s MASSIVE and much more than a single person can do.  OK confession time I’ve not found much at all, my hunting skills even with some very good hints is appalling and I’ve found some stuff which is ok but maybe just a bit not what I expected (trying to be subtle here) and then I found this from Toxic High and was well impressed.

What I have found though is that most of the shops involved in this hunt are also running other hunts at the same time and also have others coming up in the near future.  I’ve also found some shops that  I didn’t even know existed so that was a pleasant surprise and I’ve got a lot more hunt items from this and other hunts.

I’ve given the LM for not only the store direct but also for the World Hunt Blog page as you will find it invaluable for LMs hints.  What you’re looking for is a World Globe and everything in this hunt is only a single Linden. Promises a lot of men/women and unisex items.

ToXic High

World Tour

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Bloch Me.

Mr Bloch

Must confess I wasn’t going to blog this skin at first but only because the 4 shades you get go from tanned to very tanned and in SL I prefer to be pale and interesting, but then I literally threw on a few clothes and a wig (didn’t bother with shoes as I’m lazy) and checked out some sales, went through my notices, popped over to Culprit and bought myself the Zebra horse ride and other stuff then when I took a closer look at the skin I felt like B*tch slapping myself.  This is the lightest shade I’m wearing and how freaking pretty is this skin! all of the shades are really lovely.  Now hold onto your socks because you get all of the below included…

shape modify.
– 1 shape modify for Load Mouth.
– 3 skin tones (tone 01, tone 02, tone 03).
– Clevage.
– Applier for Lolas Tango
– Applier for Phat Azz
– Applier for Slink mesh hands
– Applier for Slink mesh feet
– Applier for Loud Mouth

The only thing is there are 4 shades not 3 and  I’m not wearing the shape given, you all know by now I’m addicted to my Anna’s shapes so I don’t know what the shape given  is like but how sweet is this skin and believe it or not ALL of that for only 50Lds!.  Goes without saying that each skin shade comes with it’s own appliers.  Going to assume that you can only get this promo from Mr.Bloch’s marketplace shop and since this is a slashed price and on limited offer I wanted to get this blogged as quickly as poss.

Mr Bloch Marketplace

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The Mens Dept & The Neighborhood

Culprit - The Neighborhood

Just 24 hours to go grab up the neighbourhood goodies for 200L ! Culprit have this Zebra for sale. I admit Im a bit addicted to Culprits “rides” , I own a few of them in various themes. Rockets to space ships ! However, for me the Zebra wins hands down. Heaps of animated poses, SO funny the giggle factor is high ! (I couldn’t find my copy so I had to take a pic at the store – sorry!)

Culprit - NEW!

At The Mens Dept they also have these awesome horse rides by Culprit, not just single pringle poses but they also have double rides in them – yay!

Culprit Horse The Neighbourhood

Did I mention how incredibly lowwwww prim they are? You’ll be surprised, scatter them about with abandon. So well detailed and realistic, just like the ones I used to clamber onto as a child awww memories! Thanks Eku ❤

The Mens Dept


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KoiKoi 21 Shoe Event

KoiKoi NEW! Heart - SLink High feet - 21 Shoe Event !

Get ready for your latest shoegasm! KoiKoi are participating in the 21 Shoe Event again, and you need to be fast to grab up the goodies . This event lasts just 24 hours. The idea is, each designer involved has two pairs of shoes for sale for less than the price of one (or less) I know right?! So get on your skates and prance over to snap up “Heart” above. These are designed for the Slink high feet and ohmailawd, they are deelicious – I almost licked them. Towering high heels, beautifully shaped , with a little gold zip detail on the side. There is a tiny gold heart that drapes from the zipper pull which is sweet. Rows of metal studs cover the toe part and your tootsies are left exposed , which I always find so alluring.

KoiKoi winkle pickers NEW! 21 Shoe Event !

The other pair from KoiKoi is so unique and different.  Called Winkle Pickers (for medium slink feet), and so they are. Great to wear with tight pants & pencil skirts – such a retro vibe going on . I love the way the back of the shoe curves upwards, and the inserted skin leather really makes them POP. Reckon you’ll be seeing a lot of these babies on the fashionista blogs – go get your puddies on them at this special event price ! Thanks Eku ❤

KoiKoi Shoe event - coldLogic elba outfit - ArisAris sunglasses new!

I was sifting through my wardrobe earlier and came across an outfit from coldLogic I hadn’t worn for a while. Its called elba and comprises of a cardigan, shirt and skirt. I wriggled into it, then recalled that ArisAris has some new sunnies out. Found them and completed my “Friday shopping” look. What? Of courrrse I always look this glam doing my weekly grocery ! The Heart shoes from KoiKoi just went so well I left them on. Ohhh almost forgot – my hair is a Fifty Linden Friday item from Deco. Just this colour (other colours inside and in the demo) and just 50L .


ArisAris (direct link to Charismatic glasses on the MP)


coldLogic store

coldLogic market place