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Be a Tarte.


Gratuitous scenic shot.  In the summer I laid out throws and blankets on the ground and draped some over a line to create a lovely summer hidy hole and I’ve found something similar from Tarte.  Called Blanket Fort. A thickly knitted blanket with small light globes.  Poses for singles, friends and snuggles not too many but all are sweet and simple.  Click and join Tartes group because although they’re not clear the lights in front are bottles with lights in them and only 2 prims and Group Gifts. I’m being rather quick with this post because Tarte is having a 50% sale, woo hoo, but it’s limited to this weekend only so I popped over and snagged the full length mirror I had wanted and rezzed this from my invent.  The tent is reduced to 125 and the mirror is now just a 100Lds.


Just a bit clearer and closer so you can see the lights and texturing a bit better and also the group gift bottles.


But I was also sneaky and got the new !gO group gift before Faith.  Both of us have been long-term group members and it’s not free but every month there is a great free GG and often a slashed price on another item in store so this is one of the paid groups that payback really well in the quality of the gifts.  LOL Almost forgot to say what it is in case it’s not obvious, it’s this top.  A crunchy knitted hoodie.  The back is longer than the front, a hood and ties down the front.

I’m hoping the !gO LM takes you straight to some of the best mesh and non mesh free/dollarbies I know so before you go inside !gO grab the goodies off the washing line now OK get TPing now.



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