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Cart Sale (everything 10L !)

Cart Sale - Clown avatar, complete with heaps of gestures 10L

I hopped, skipped and jumped my way over to the bi-annual Cart Sale. It’s such a vast space to cover with soooo much to see ! Everything is priced at 10L or under, here’s a few of my top buys. Above is a brilliant Clown avatar by Wicked Monkey. Its dead creepy and is totally complete, you also get a ton of really really cool animated gestures to play around with it ! Alllll this for just 10L *faints*. I will definitely be heading over to their main store to investigate further.

Cart Sale - Fantasy Sky Dome 10L!

I nabbed this from [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] , the fantasy sky dome ! It’s gloriously colourful and comes along with two loungers and table to enjoy the view. I really liked that nothing is hard linked, so you can pick and choose which parts you want (or add more) its pretty low prim also yay!. Again, just 10L, it’s a real winner.

Cart Sale - Hair 10L ! Roses Jewelry 10L !

Last up for this post is a hair-do from [Bizarre Hair], its called sweetheart and is pretty unique. It comes in three parts, so don’t forget to wear them all ! Just 10L and definitely worthy of inventory space. Head over and have a wander, theres stuff for guys too, home decor, skins etc

The Cart Sale