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The Mens Dept & The Neighborhood

Culprit - The Neighborhood

Just 24 hours to go grab up the neighbourhood goodies for 200L ! Culprit have this Zebra for sale. I admit Im a bit addicted to Culprits “rides” , I own a few of them in various themes. Rockets to space ships ! However, for me the Zebra wins hands down. Heaps of animated poses, SO funny the giggle factor is high ! (I couldn’t find my copy so I had to take a pic at the store – sorry!)

Culprit - NEW!

At The Mens Dept they also have these awesome horse rides by Culprit, not just single pringle poses but they also have double rides in them – yay!

Culprit Horse The Neighbourhood

Did I mention how incredibly lowwwww prim they are? You’ll be surprised, scatter them about with abandon. So well detailed and realistic, just like the ones I used to clamber onto as a child awww memories! Thanks Eku ❤

The Mens Dept