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Just a KISS (Freebies).

As the rain pours down outside I decided to mooch the Marketplace till it stops and I can go out and came across this.  TBH a simple mesh skirt and top was bottom of my list of what I wanted to find but dayum I’m impressed.  Again a KISS find (keep it simple stupid) not only do you get the skirt, top and shoes each comes with a colour changing hud so each has the same choice of 8 colours and also nail, necklace and bracelets, sorry I forgot to check if they also come with a hud but I’m going to assume they do.  The fit I have to say is excellent and I’ve not used any special settings or photo tricks other than use my usual Nams prim and skin setting (the same setting I use 90% of the time inworld) because the colours are so decent you just wouldn’t think this was a FREEBIE.

Snapshot_058It’s stopped raining so I’m off out byeeee for now.

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Puppy Dog Eyes

FollowUs doggy NEW - FollowUs group gift Bench
I was wandering around the FollowUs store last week and I spied this adorable doggy ! I mean seriously – who can resist his puppy dog eyes, his sleek coat and darling paws ! He is just gorrrrgeous and I HAD to have him. Originally he wasnt for sale, and was just being used as a decor item – OHMYGOD! Happy ending is, you can now buy a doggy of your very own as Laurent has relented and put him up for sale yay! This version is just perfect for Valentines day no? Send him to your love, send him to charm a friend…

FollowUs Dog NEW!!  NEW decor items - frames & candles

There are two versions (yes I had to have BOTH !) The other one is behaving rather naughtily and chewing up a Barbie doll. He’s just 3 prims so wont eat up your budget either. I decided to make him a pooch corner and placed out some poodle candles and frames, which are new from %Percent, also low prim and sooper pretty. My outfit, incase you didn’t catch it earlier is newwwww from coldLogic, scoot down a post for all the info and landmarks !

Almost forget to mention, the bench in the first photo is also by FollowUs, and its a group gift. The group is pretty inexpensive to join but I did notice when I bought my doggy, there seems to be an offer for free joining ! (I bought him from the market place – not sure if that makes a difference or not)


coldLogic store

coldLogc market place


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Snuggle me up





It seems so long since Christmas doesn’t it? Yet here we are in Winter still, all yearning for spring. I’m so hoping the weather picks up soon, my boiler had packed up and I’m scrabbling about for sweaters and thick socks! Good job I can be as warm as toast in my Second Life with all the new releases from coldLogic this week ! Layering is the name of the game, and I am totally in love with the Montana skirt with cozy leggings attached. What a great idea ! Various colours available, this sand tone is my fav, closely followed by a beautiful silver-grey. I’m also wearing the deschanel top…


a layered effect again, you get a choice of the bottom panel of fabric is sheer or not, brill ! The colour above is called Paloma and its so pretty, would really dress up a plain pair of pants or a more evening styled skirt. The decor is all from Lisp Bazaar, each item just 10L, and the stunning apartment I took my photos in is by Scarlet Creative – just 50L furnished ! Huge choice of prefabs in the market place store for this designer – all at 50L, take a gander and splash out.


There is also a warmtastic sweater dress, really thick and cuddly called benes. I chose this girly’ish pink shade but there are heaps of options if you’re not a fan. Check out the glorious stitching detail at the neck and hem, it really sets this apart.


Couldnt pass up the chance to wear a spotty sweater ! I’m addicted to spots and dots, so this is a winner for moi ! Say hello too “berry”, jaunty little thing huh?. Layered details once more and a range of colours to wipe those Winter blues far away. Couple of shout outs, the pose in the first photo is part of a set being offered by KoKoLoReS in the Fi* Friday sale, 50L for the lot  , and my skin and shape are brand spankin new from Morphine (new name for ME). Its named “Kazumi” and I SO like it ! I’m pretty picky with skins but this caught my eye and the shape that goes with it is lully. Lotsa options for all you boobie lovers, makeups available and SLink appliers etc. I went with the tan skin tone, and used the natural look.

coldLogic store


coldLogic  market place

coldLogic blog



Lisp Bazaar

Scarlet Creative

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Inspired (freebie and cheapie).

sim1I have been such a lazy mare in SL and just wandered all around my new Sim find.  I’ve taken so many pictures I’m not sure what to do with them so indulge me as I post more piccies.

ApplesHowever I do have a good excuse as since our sim is Winter white and I’m starting to yearn for a bit of colour in my life (RL and SL) I knew that this sim would be a perfect place to take a couple (or more) snaps of my new freebies and a brilliant hunt find.  The mesh top and skirt are freebies from J.Allen Store (it’s in the window with a couple of other freebies) and you get a choice of 3 colours for the top but I loved the juicy orange.

sim2Again the Lennon Sim is an amazingly beautiful laid out and planned rental sim but since the owners have been so kind as to leave it as an open sim even for us casual visitors there are some really beautiful places to hang out in and just enjoy the view.  As always I can only say please resist entering people’s homes, unless of course you get so awed you want to rent a home here yourself.

FlowersMust confess I thought I was buying a cute flying pig which in a way I was but it turns out the pig contained this delightful,delicate and pretty hair flowers. Turns out the pig is from an old hunt called When pigs fly hunt which is well over now but obviously Norena Soir has been so kind she’s left it out for us.  Since it’s an old hunt I don’t think I’m breaking any rules when I tell you it’s attached to the special offer boards.  As it happens I was so pleased with this I paid the 75Lds and joined her group and then grabbed the freebies which I haven’t had time to check out yet but the ornate mask and bunch of flowers on their own look as though they’re worth the joining free alone.


Last piccie of Lennon but I took so many it was hard to choose which I liked most.

J.Allen Store

NSP Florals

Lennon Park Rental Sim

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Scored a few of my favourite things (Free stuff).


Meandering around I found a lovely well laid out Arcade Yardsale and picked up myself some goodies (gotta go back for more) but out of curiosity I followed the arrow downstairs to the ground floor and look at the lovely, free to join, group gifts I found  The shops name is Muneria and Rhenu Muneris the owner has been pretty damned generous and not only do you get the mesh dress but the excellent peep toes and heel ankle boots.

D2So not only was I really chuffed with the first outfit when I  then opened this one and it was another case of “Oooooo”.  Again matching boots and a bolero, a more stylised hi fashioned metallic  look.  I’ve put the link for her MP shop for you to check out but the GG’s are only available in her in world shop (remember it’s the ground floor).

D3Another Wowser and a complete change in look and scenery.  No shoes, not that you need it for this long skirt, but belt, bracelets and the lovely owl necklace is included and even a hud for the outfit which means you have 2 choices of colours and because the skirt and top are separates very handy for mixing and matching with other outfits. Special mention is that although the Group Gifts aren’t Trans everything in her shop is so you can buy for gifts or if you want to pass on to others then fabulous.


Old Blondie Faith may have gotten this new Mina hair first but I rock the brunette look. Called Nikky and it’s only available, for the moment, at the My Attic event for the cut down price of 95Ld colour pack.  I’m wearing it in the first picture as well and I, as usual with Nina’s hair LOVE it.  Have to confess I had wanted to show you one of the more colourful juicy colours in this picture but OMG I’m having computer issues I’m trying not to panic here but I could not post at least a close up of this hair.  Called Nikky and comes in all the range of colours which you expect from Mina.

90% of my pictures are actual places in SL and not just backdrops (the tunnel is a complex under a shop) so I’m always on the look out for some really great place to pull a pose and take a few pictures and found a Link to a Rental sim called Lennon and it looked so good I had to check it out.


A stunning, lush and green sim with everything from deep woodlands to open beaches. I’ve put the link to Darth Kline Flickr account so you can see some more of the beauty of this place.  In what little time I managed to spend there I spotted a diner, caravan, and many other places for people to hang out at or even as I did take a few pictures.  As this is an open sim it is free for all to visit but of course it goes without saying don’t go into peoples homes my only thing is that because they don’t use rental boxes it’s hard to see which homes are rented and which aren’t but to be on the safe side I didn’t enter any home.  Although if you’re tempted to rent then just drop Darth Kline a note and I’m sure he will let you know if they have any vacancies.


Hi there, thank you for your interest in renting here at Lennon Park.
To find out what the entire sim looks like and what it has to offer, please check out our flickr account using the link below:
How our rental works:
1. When you rent with us here at Lennon Park, you will be renting the cottage/home of your choice, together with the landscaping thats already in place in that given area/land, with a respective prim allocation for each home.
2. The Lennon Park sim is and always will be an open sim.   However, there is little traffic here, but please bear in mind that there will be visitors coming and going on a daily basis.  And with that being said, no security orbs or parcel/plot lock downs are permitted.  BUT eject rights will always be given to all tenants.
3. Your prim allotment can be used throughout the sim or on BOTH sims, since the neighboring sim is also part of the Lennon Estate.   Which means you have a bigger land area to rez your stuff on, to make every bit of your SL dream home come true.     You are also welcome to rez your items for use in the common areas, however, please don’t forget to pick up your items when you leave.
4. Rentals can be paid weekly or monthly, whatever is suitable to you at that time.  Each home will have a 700 prim allotment for 2100L per week.   There are no rental boxes for you to make payments on, every rental payment goes directly to us/me.  However, we do keep a record on each payment made.  And we would always inform you nicely via IM, should you fall behind on rent.
Once again,  thank you for your interest in renting here at Lennon Park, where we strive to make every piece of land a home.   If you have any further questions or inquiries, please feel free to send me an IM, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Darth Kline
(SL username is ropedick)

PS.  We can make your “home” more private if you so wish , by plotting it out and setting it to group only.  Just let us know what we can do for you to make your house a home and your stay with us a happy and enjoyable one.

Munereia Arcade Yardsale and Boutique

Munereai Marketplace

Lennon Park

My Attic

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21 Shoe Event

Somnia KoiKoi Cashmere & keane

The first ever 21 shoe event is up and running ! You will have to be sooper speedy though as it’s a 24 hour thing. Basically the participating designers will have two pairs of shoes on sale for the price of one (or less!) Above I’m wearing the “Stretch Stiletto” boots from KoiKoi. Brilliant & essential for the season and you get a superb close fit on the leg. My dress is new from Somnia, it’s called Tyasri, I so adore this Wintery white shade, covered with tiny moustaches & spectacles which is really on trend currently.

KoiKoi Boots

Close up shot of the stretch KoiKoi boots – so you can get a feel for the fabric.. lovely huh? I love love LOVE the stitching detail, the texuring is really top-notch. Gotta feeling these will become a fav over the winter & spring.

KoiKoi 21

KoiKoi have also included the “Strappy Mamba” high heels as part of the deal . (These require you to have the high SLink feet .) Lip lickingly sexy, with a fantastical leather used for the main shoe and gold snaps to grip the laces threaded over the front of your foot.

KoiKoi Somnia

I wore them with one of the new Somnia releases (and there were oooodles), quite a simple but elegant little frock no? Its called lalaera and there are two packs of tones ready to roll !

Skin,shapebrow shapers,teeth layer 95L !

I also popped over to The My Attic event this morning and helped myself to a big dollop of treats . I snagged the Mina Nikky hair – just 95L per colour pack ! Then I spied this skin by DeeTaleZ, it’s called Jarla and comes in a choice of skin tones. I went for the sort of mid one called “mixed type”. Not only do you get the skin, but also the shape, teeth, brow fixers. I wasnt overly keen on the choppers to be honest but I’m wearing the mouth shadow which I think adds a little more definition to the lips. I did buy a shed load more actually, but havent had time to open the packages yet !


21 Shoe Event blog


My Attic

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Its Fate

FATEwear & ArisAris
I gave Player a giftcard for Christmas (boring, yes I know !) It was for Fatewear (not so boring now huh?!) We don’t get to go shopping together often, like once or twice a year. Off we went, and twenty minutes later I remembered WHY we don’t shop together often ! I think its easy to forget when you change clothes,shapes & skins many times a day that it can really be a minefield for those that are kinda new to the whole mesh revolution. Dont get me wrong, Player has worn mesh for over a year but he rarely buys a lot. Soooooo there we are, Player trying on demos and getting irritable about fitting it. I suggested he tweak his shape a teeny bit – WRONG thing to say to a guy.  Ohmaiii – you’d think I had suggested he invade Greece or something – so the moaning went on, I was close to logging out and leaving him too it – when I stepped back, bit my tongue and recalled my horror of changing my own shape for mesh gear. It seems a big ask – shapes are so personal, its YOU in SecondLife. Anywayyy cut a long story short – he tweaked his shape ever so slightly (so slightly I couldnt detect it to be honest) and voila! Most everything fitted. He bought heaps and heaps and even returned alone to buy MORE. His latest purchase was the Dave outfit above, I totally adore it, actually Baylen blogged it when it was released, both look gorgeous in it I have to say.

FATEwear mesh socks

I slipped into a new release from ArisAris, sweater dress with a big cable knit pattern down the front – tres chic! The socks are also from FATEwear, there is a longggg story about why we were both delighted that Player got these wooly socks, I wont bore you with it, as you REALLY had to be there ! (It involved a dodgy teleport on our sim and someone stuck on a sex bed wearing big wooly socks – nuff said) In the sock pack you get differing lengths, and they look SO realistic . We cried tears of laughter at being able to FINALLY recreate that teleport moment *winks*.

FATEwear inworld store

FATEwear market place store

ArisAris inworld store