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Fun in the sun. (freebies).

kite 1Faith has defrosted our lake so spring is springing (I wish) but it made me dust off a kite pose and have a bit of fun and of course show off my new freebie.

kite 2Since the first picture was just me playing around I thought I would show you this hooded dress in plain old Nams skin and prim setting.  Lurve it, obviously mesh with great zip details on the pocket and where the cream part of the dress joins the striped part.  Whats not shown is the neat little hood at the back and the serious side boob cleavage.  OK a bit of an alpha gap, I think I have the smaller size on and you can still see some of the alpha but if someone wanted to zoom in close enough to spot that then what a saddo.  This is a brill freebie from plugndie, who owns Catnip Lovetomy and she/he has this message “I made the decision to give away freebies. Greed dont make me happy , unlike your smiles ;)” and that basically means a massive 96 items of freeness.  OK a lot of repeated things but that means of course if you don’t like this colour there is a massive selection of different colour choices.

Catnip Lovetomy

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  1. Hello narsia ! The URL is at the bottom of the post – enjoy 🙂 (its a market place store btw and the link directs you to the market place store.


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