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Puppy Dog Eyes

FollowUs doggy NEW - FollowUs group gift Bench
I was wandering around the FollowUs store last week and I spied this adorable doggy ! I mean seriously – who can resist his puppy dog eyes, his sleek coat and darling paws ! He is just gorrrrgeous and I HAD to have him. Originally he wasnt for sale, and was just being used as a decor item – OHMYGOD! Happy ending is, you can now buy a doggy of your very own as Laurent has relented and put him up for sale yay! This version is just perfect for Valentines day no? Send him to your love, send him to charm a friend…

FollowUs Dog NEW!!  NEW decor items - frames & candles

There are two versions (yes I had to have BOTH !) The other one is behaving rather naughtily and chewing up a Barbie doll. He’s just 3 prims so wont eat up your budget either. I decided to make him a pooch corner and placed out some poodle candles and frames, which are new from %Percent, also low prim and sooper pretty. My outfit, incase you didn’t catch it earlier is newwwww from coldLogic, scoot down a post for all the info and landmarks !

Almost forget to mention, the bench in the first photo is also by FollowUs, and its a group gift. The group is pretty inexpensive to join but I did notice when I bought my doggy, there seems to be an offer for free joining ! (I bought him from the market place – not sure if that makes a difference or not)


coldLogic store

coldLogc market place