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Borking Hell.

So SL has decided to HATE me and I can’t see mesh, can’t TP, can’t even rezz so I can’t even do a bit of invent cleaning out BUT it means I’ve pulled my finger out and I’m going to tell you about the skin’s and shapes I ADORE!

nudeThis is the latest shape from Anna’s but it can only be bought from the Designer Circle which means it’s at a slashed price of 80Lds which is a massive reduction on her normal prices.  Everything at the Designer Circle is priced between 50-100Lds and there are some big named shops there.

I do go on about Annas shapes but after so many years in SL I’ve tried so many shapes (and skins) and although a lot of this is personal preference I LOVE all of Analy Amat shapes and believe that they’re the best in SL and so if you can grab one at such a low price I wouldn’t hesitate.  Check out her mains shop so you can not only try out her full priced packs and see all the  extras they contain and she should also still have some really cheap shapes as gifts set out, if I remember correctly for as little as 5-10Lds but sorry I can’t pop over to check that out.


Unless I find a stunning freebie, LB, gift or occasional FLF item (fifty Linden Friday) I never buy a skin unless it’s an Essence skin.  Again full priced these are top of the range skins but fortunately for skin addicts, bargain hunters or people on limited budgets it’s brilliant that you can grab a skin for often such low prices.  I’m still wearing my new Anna shape but with a different Essence skin in both pictures to show you how same shape but different skins look.  If you want to see any more examples then check out my Flickr because 99% of the pictures have me wearing an Anna Shape and an Essence skin.  Now I don’t think she has a skin on offer at this moment but when she does I will bring it to you.  I have noticed that she is now joined the FLF(Fifty Linden Friday) offer which is brilliant.  As with Annas shapes sometimes you get a little extra such a an applier etc but this isn’t a guarantee but if you need then then they can be purchased separately from her shop.

PS almost forgot to mention the SLink feet I’m wearing sadly aren’t discounted but I really do recommend you trying them out especially as so many new shoe designs are for SLink feet.

I’m so borked I’m going to have to ask Faith to do the LM links for this post.

Designer Circle

Anna Shapes(touch the TP board)


My Flickr