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Visit London.

Loordes of London that is.  Decided to pop into Loordes of Londons mainstore rather than one of her many satelite shops and markets and almost got carried away.  Coleen Macarthu has packed her shop with not only top quality textured items but at such affordable prices.  Slap the sub board and you will be regularly updated on events with special offers at special prices such as this all in one skirt and shirt mesh dress for ONLY 40Lds!

LondonCalled Victoria’s Winter in brown and teal colours.  This is so much a RP outfit it makes me want to RP. although Loordes is not a costume shop she’s harnessed some elements from the past and updated them, which is my excuse for re posting a picture of another of her outfits I blogged a while back but most of her stuff is modern and fresh esp the bags OMG I love her bags (and shoes).


So retro with a modern touch and still available.  Check out her Marketplace shop for prices, styles and demos but you must visit her main shop because she has ooodles of Dollarbies, hunt gifts and cheapos dotted about.  To find the top outfit when you enter the shop turn left and check out the steals and deals board and if you like the look you can buy matching. The hunt items are scattered around the shop and oh so easy to find but if you can’t be bothered to look then there is a pillar with what looks like stickers and odds n sods stuck to it.  Not all are free some are dollarbies or only a few Lindens.  You also need to visit her main store because outside is a row of Gachas each stocked with shop quality items at again such great, cheap, prices.


Sadly since SL is playing up with me this morning I can’t tell you much about this outfit but it was one of either a Dollarbie, old hunt item or unless I’m mistaken one of the 10Ld items,  I really just wanted to show you the quality of the texturing in her clothes.

Loordes of London Mainstore

Loordes of London Marketplace